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SHADOSupreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation (British Sci-Fi series)
SHADOSexual Harassment/Anti-Discrimination Office (McMaster University; California)
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Highly enlarged vascular region with large metaxylem vessel and large aerenchyma were recorded in cultivars Shado Khudrawi-1 and Khudrawi-2.
The growing importance of China is reflected in her own show, where Shado is speaks Mandarin.
au quoted police captain Shado Mashobane as telling local daily The Times.
The blast took place in the Shado Qala area on the outskirts of provincial capital, Qalat, on Tuesday morning, the governor's spokesman, Muhammad Jan Rasoulyar, said.
Captain Shado Mashobane of the Vereeniging police station confirmed that no arrests had been made, but said the investigation was 'underway'.
LITTLE JOHNNY ENGL Tournament Of Shado Verdict: FOLK band Little Jo England are celebra their tenth annivers with the release of their sixth studio album.
He doesn't approve of the cloud of paparazzi who currently over shado we very waking minute of people like Amy Wine house and Sienna Miller.
Gordeno's character Carlin (1970-71) was a pilot and submarine commander who worked for SHADO (Supreme Headquarters, Alien Defence Organisation), defending the Earth against green skinned, liquid-breathing aliens who were kidnapping humans for body parts.
Alonso has a chance of winning a third successive championship at Inter lagos, but that bid has been over shado wed by his rocky relationship with Dennis and team-mate Lewis Hamilton.
ESPA International, which markets Spa-inspired beauty products, treatments and services globally, has selected Shado software from Straker Interactive to maximise the effectiveness of its online marketing strategy.
Web-based content management solutions provider Straker Interactive has had its Shado MX content management system chosen by hotel chain Sarova Hotels for use on its web site.
In the live-action series the earth was constantly under attack from spinning UFOs, with Shado (Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation) doing its best to fend them off.