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Because of the book's role in provoking renewed analysis of the shareholder value mandate and its legacy effects, DIRECTORS & BOARDS has selected The Shareholder Value Myth as the Governance Book of the Year.
The result is the shareholder value of the company.
In the final analysis, everything that has impacted the erosion of shareholder value leads back to a major corporate governance issue that concerns us, which is allowing one person to serve both as chief executive officer and board chairman,'' Coleman Stipanovich, executive director of the State Board of Administration of Florida, said in a statement.
The drive to manage for shareholder value has been at the top of most CEOs' agendas for at least 20 years.
There are a number of incubator models--including publicly traded venture-capital entities such as CMGI (which operates like a value-added holding company) and the Internet Capital Group--which have established a significant number of new dot-com entities and have generated substantial shareholder value through their efforts.
As would be expected, each catastrophe had a significant negative initial effect amounting to, on average, an almost 8 percent decline in the shareholder value of the analyzed companies.
Shareholder value thinking was almost uniformly accepted by experts in law, finance, and management.
Improving results positively influences investor confidence and, ultimately, shareholder value.
The trouble starts when not everyone agrees on what is meant exactly by creating shareholder value.