SHAZShaping the Health of Adolescents in Zimbabwe (University of California, San Francisco)
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There, Shaz was told Llana would surely have died had she not taken her to hospital, and further scans revealed she suffered from cardiomyopathy.
And when Phil finds out that Lola and Billy knew about Shaz, will he object to them having his beloved granddaughter?
A THAT depends on whether you like her or just want to make Shaz jealous and repay her for what you think is lack of interest.
Now, as she slowly gains strength, Llana's mum Shaz, 39, has revealed how she, her husband Muhammed, 47, and sons Jassan and Saad have signed up to this year's Great North Run this September, to raise funds for the unit which has been her home for so long.
LIFE-LONG friends Rhona, Kelly, Shaz and Amanda have experienced everything with each other, from late-night raves and teenage parties to romantic hiccups and heartbreak.
With their uncaring father struggling to cope following the institutionalisation of their mum, the five Moochmore sisters are left in the care of Collette's freethinking nanny, Shaz, who sets about convincing them their eccentricities are to be celebrated.
Shaz Harris, of nightclub promoters Sugar and Spice events, said: "It was great that we all got together.
Sorry about the noise, just sitting crossed-legged and channelling my alter ego Psychic Shaz for this week's premonition of celebrity hypocrisy.
The names Shaz, Lil Man, Romer and Dink have been found on the graffiti at Woodrow South.
But luckily it's all for the cameras - Shaz, 47, is filming her new movie, Basic Instinct 2, in London.