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SHEMSociete Hydroelectrique du Midi
SHEMSafety, Health, and Environmental Management
SHEMSouthwest Home Education Ministry (Missouri)
SHEMSupplemented Hormonal Epithelial Medium
SHEMSafety, Health, Environmental Manager
SHEMScanning Hot Electron Microscopy (physics)
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Japhet is presented in a positive way in the Bible, taking honorable care of his father Noah and receiving a blessing from him, just as Shem did (Gen.
Shem would drink pints of Carling lager, maybe 12, 13 or 14 pints during a day.
Shem Tov, who is a lesbian, said "it felt natural" to dance with a woman.
Care Home operator Shem Singh has bought the Mill Hayes Care Home in Stoke with financial backing from the specialist healthcare team at NatWest in Birmingham.
Part One explores the transition to modernity, retracing the philosophical accomplishments of thinkers such as Moses Mendelssohn, Spinoza, and religious figures such as Baal Shem Tov.
She has made Noah a religious fanatic, convinced of his righteousness, with the two older sons, Ham and Shem, caught up in their own madness.
The core of and impetus for Goldenberg's deeply and massively researched book is that strange (and, as it turned out, portentous) entry in the Book of Genesis (Gen 9: 18-25) which describes how Noah and his three sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, finally disembarked from the ark and were instructed to people the earth; how Noah raised grapes and made wine, and how he drank the wine and became drunk and passed out, how his three sons found him naked, but only Ham (the youngest son) peeked at the old man's nudity.
Then Noah's wife and Shem and Japheth enter with their families, also "clad in dingy garments" (81).
The text makes reference to the Shem haM' phoras, the ineffable, unspeakable Name of God.
The protagonist is an immigrant to the United States from the Philippines named William Narciso Paulinha (the nh implies a Portuguese origin), who is persuaded by a man named Shem, whose father had taken the name from Joyce's Ulysses, to become a fake feng shui (Chinese geomancy) expert, Master Chao -- or, as in the title, Fixer Chao.
Playwright Han Ong's first novel tells the story of two twenty-first-century confidence men: Shem C.
Comments are gratefully acknowledged on an earlier draft from the following Bank staff: Atieno Mboya Samandhari (consultant, Gender and Law), Elizabeth Adu (principal counsel, LEGAF), Michael Bamberger, senior gender specialist (PREM), Jean Rutabanzibwa-Ngaiza (consultant, AFTH4); Christine Pena (AFTH4), Nightingale Rukuba-Ngaiza (consultant, Gender and Law), Shem Migot-Adholla, principal land specialist (AFTAG).