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SHEMASteam Heating Equipment Manufacturers Association (obsolete)
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As the story goes, when Akiva was taken out for execution by way of torture, the hour for saying the morning Shema prayer had arrived.
Naming Shema as Chief of Staff represents organizational growth and a plan to help develop ACA's staff and processes for the future, Polka said.
Shema Iley, 48, of Westbury Street, Thornaby, fined PS145, ordered to pay PS50 compensation and PS60 costs, for possession of a Class B drug and assault.
The practice of daily reciting the Shema in Second Temple Judaism ("Hear, 0 Israel: The LORD is our God, the LORD alone," Deur 6:4) is reflected in Rom 3:28-30, 1 Cor 8:1-6 and John 10:30.
Shema, a San Francisco-based web application security expert, presents examples of different hacks against Web applications (e.
A friend who is a rabbi suggests that these words, often referred to as the Shema Israel, are more than a prayer; they are like a pledge of allegiance to God.
Kenyan expat John Shema said he registered his wife and maid for the cards on Thursday.
Lilach Shema and her colleagues from the Western Galilee Medical Center in Israel investigated the long-term effects of drinking pomegranate juice on heart disease risk factors like high cholesterol and blood pressure in kidney disease patients.
When Rabbi Akiva was suffering most, he said the Shema .
According to Rabbi Noah Weinberg, Founder and former Dean of Aish HaTorah, the word Shema, which God said to Abraham, implies a deep level of listening.
The centre is extremely satisfied with Tripp Lite's successful installation and implementation of a new UPS system in our breeding facilities," said Safwan Sai, electrical engineer, Shema, contractor of National Avian Research Centre.
If Jesus wasn't teaching little ones himself, I assume he was relying on the adults he taught to take seriously their shared Jewish prayer, the Shema, which tells them to "keep these words .