Shin Bet

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Shin BetSherut Ha-Bitachon (Security Service, Israel)
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The Shin Bet stated that in addition to the shooting attack that was thwarted, some of the cell members discussed carrying out attacks on holy buildings -- such as synagogues or churches -- or against IDF troops or Israel Police.
Shin Bet claims that the group planned to plant improvised explosive devices along the route taken by Lieberman when he leaves the illegal settlement of Nikodim, which is built near occupied Bethlehem.
The leader of the cell was a 29-year-old computer science student named Muhammad Maharma from Hebron, but he received his directions from an Iranian operative in South Africa, the Times of Israel reported, citing Shin Bet, as saying.
Amin later told Reuters she had been questioned for eight days over her contacts with a person she believed was an Israeli intelligence agent, but who her Shin Bet interrogators told her was in fact an Iranian government operative.
Shin Bet also said a Gazan recruited by Hezbollah through Facebook recruited three Palestinians from the West Bank who had started to train and plan attacks.
By contrast, the Shin Bet last year arrested several Israeli Arabs it said were trying to form an armed cell under orders from two fellow citizens fighting with Islamic State in Iraq.
Shin Bet said recent crackdowns haven't fully eradicated the group's leadership.
The arrested also admitted to their Shin Bet interrogators that they had tried to carry out an attack against an Israeli army checkpoint in Hebron.
Mientras la tendencia interpretativa predominante del Shin Bet es que Hamas estuvo preparando su ataque durante un largo tiempo, para muchos en las FDI los acontecimientos se desencadenaron de manera mas fortuita.
The pair were hiding out in a Hebron house and killed when gunfire erupted during an operation by the Shin Bet internal security services and the army's anti-terror unit.
ISRAEL'S Shin Bet security service said it had thwarted a Hamas coup attempt in the West Bank aimed at toppling Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas.
He was commenting on a report published by the "Jerusalem Post" claiming that the Israel's intelligence agency Shin Bet had collected information disclosed by a Hamas cell commander hinting that Hamas members had been trained in Malaysia as part of their preparations against the Israeli army.