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SHIVASimulated Highways for Intelligent Vehicle Algorithms (intelligent transportation systems)
SHIVASchools Helping India Voluntary Association (UK)
SHIVASuper High Intensity Vulnerability Assessor
SHIVASystem for Handling, Inspecting, and packing Vegetables
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5 is compatible with Entrust, allowing customers to choose among a variety of authentication methods, including Entrust's PKI, Shiva Certificate Authority or RADIUS-based Shiva Access Manager;
a developer of acceleration enhancements for remote access and VPN products that was acquired by Shiva.
Like the LanRover VPN Gateway, the LanRover VPN Express supports Shiva Smart Tunneling (SST) for automated tunnel fail-over, scaleability and load-balancing.
Shiva earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science in 1993 from Fairfield University and also studied abroad at Oxford University's St.
We engaged Shiva because of its talented people, innovative technology and well-developed channel," said Mark Christensen, vice president and general manager of Intel's Network Products Division based in Oregon.
Verity and Shiva received the RealWare Award for Best Knowledge Management Application.
Shiva Corporation, the leading provider of remote access technology, created a Knowledge Management application that empowers its customers to answer highly technical questions, round-the-clock.
All these top Intel/Shiva partners have now turned to Perle to fulfill their customers' remote access needs now that the Shiva dial-access products are no longer available.
We chose Shiva because the LanRover VPN Gateway delivers a comprehensive VPN solution with an eye for strong, standards-based security for remote connectivity," said Tony Scrimenti, senior vice president of communications services, Icon CMT Corp.
The Shiva VPN Client Deployment Tool supports encryption of VPN client configuration files and VPN authentication protocols to help provide trusted transfer of information.
It is celebrated with devotion and religious fervour in honour of Lord Shiva, one of the deities of Hindu Trinity.
Ros Borath, President of Cambodia's National Committee for the World Heritage, in a emailed letter to distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, wrote with the hope that "Hindu world will soon take notice of this place, most sacred to Shiva, and help people of Cambodia to safeguard this world heritage monument with universal spiritual value as propounded by Lord Shiva".