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Caption: The cast version (foreground) of this pivot arm for agriculture equipment freed up 71 minutes of shop capacity per unit.
Because of the many uncertainties in this process, a variety of parameters and switch settings are available to the user to cause the system to send the best mix of LRUs to the shop each day to make the best use of the shop capacity and support warfighter needs.
First, shop capacity can be more effectively planned and controlled.
Like-for-like sales, which ignore new shop capacity, were flat compared with December 1997, only a slight improvement from November's decline of 0.
As a result, load smoothing by the planning system helps to balance the load of customer orders against shop capacity.
Tenders are invited for Supply And Fitment Of Spares For Air Compressor At Fdy Shop Capacity : 500 Cfm Make : Kirloskar And Company Ltd.
Additionally, the fan supplier has increased shop capacity because the castings are delivered ready for assembly, allowing sawing, machining and welding resources to be used for other assemblies.
The forecast is then used to develop the unconstrained requirement for parts, shop capacity, manpower, and so forth.
Other factors enter into scheduling to be sure, but without an understanding of shop capacity, the production schedule is little more than a wish list.
An important practical case which allows a significant simplification of the problem is the case where the processing shop capacity is set by one resource.