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SFCSShop Floor Control System
SFCSSymposium on Foundations of Computer Science (IEEE)
SFCSSurvival Flight Control System
SFCSSociety for Continence (Singapore)
SFCSSubmarine Fire Control System
SFCSSurvivable Flight Control System
SFCSSpent Fuel Cooling System
SFCSSpace-Frequency Coding Scheme
SFCSSenior Chief Shipfitter (US Navy Rating)
SFCSSSN Federated Combat System
SFCSSecondary Flying Control System (aviation)
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Avnet was ranked number 78 on the list because of its global shop floor control system, which plays a critical role in enabling the company to turn more than 300 million electronic components annually into customized devices for specific applications.
They walk around with the device, bring up the PM checklist device, bring up the PM checklist which includes the steps they need to perform, and the data is entered in real time into our shop floor control system," says Stanzyk.
It is also the planning system (and specifically the capacity planning module) that determines the variation in the total work load in the plans released to the shop floor control system.
Their shop floor control system notes the location and determines whether the item is on track.
Tools for manufacturing management, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) consist of relational computer software applications that provide a real-time view of manufacturing operations while providing seamless integration of real-time data with information systems such as Production Planning, Inventory and Shop Floor Control Systems.
Part of the company's ProHelp shop floor control systems, the enhanced TS MIU now includes profile graphing and overlay of 20 process parameters, real-time profile tracing, overlays of the last ten machine cycles, area-under-the curve graphing, and high-resolution graphing.
Operating under computer control, the AS/RS is designed to be easily integrated into other automated or semi-automated handling systems, as well as into shop floor control systems.