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SMASimple Moving Average
SMASNA (System Network Architecture) Management Architecture
SMAShape Memory Alloy
SMASpinal Muscular Atrophy
SMASeparately Managed Account
SMASan Martín de Los Andes (Argentina)
SMASekolah Menengah Agama (Indonesian: School of Religion)
SMASanta Monica Airlines (skateboards; Santa Monica, CA)
SMASmooth Muscle Actin
SMASecretaría del Medio Ambiente (Spanish: Ministry of Environment; Mexico)
SMASafety and Mission Assurance (NASA)
SMAState Medicaid Agency (various locations)
SMASocial Media Analytics (marketing)
SMASergeant Major of the Army
SMASports Medicine Australia
SMASubMiniature Version A
SMASuperior Mesenteric Artery (upper intestinal artery)
SMAScreen Manufacturers Association
SMASecurity, Monitoring and Automation
SMASociety for Medical Anthropology (American Anthropological Association)
SMASupplementary Motor Area
SMASouthern Medical Association
SMASimulation Modeling and Analysis
SMASevere Malarial Anemia (disease)
SMASumitomo Machinery Corporation of America (Sumitomo Heavy Industries; Japan)
SMAShoreline Management Act
SMASingapore-MIT Alliance
SMAStyrene Maleic Anhydride
SMASemiconductor Manufacturers Association
SMASub Miniature Version a
SMASoftware Migration Assistant
SMASystem Migration Assistant
SMAServer Management Agent
SMASegmented Memory Architecture
SMASmart Memory Access
SMASystem Multimedia Architecture
SMASequential Multiple Analyser
SMASystem Monitoring Agent
SMASurface Mounted Assembly
SMASupport and Maintenance Assistance
SMAShanghai Maple Automobile
SMASocial Media Analysis (various meanings)
SMASystem Management Agent
SMAStella Maris Academy (La Jolla, CA)
SMAStone Matrix Asphalt
SMASubmillimeter Array (Radio Telescope)
SMASpecial Memorandum Account (financial; sub account of a brokerage margin account)
SMASummer Music Academy (various locations)
SMASpencer Museum of Art (University of Kansas)
SMAScience and Mathematics Academy (Maryland)
SMASaskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture (Canada)
SMASous Ministre Adjointe (French: Assistant Deputy Minister; Canada)
SMASoftware Maintenance Agreement
SMAStone Mastic Asphalt
SMASuper Mario Advance (Video game - Gameboy Advance)
SMASingapore Medical Association
SMAServicios de Mantenimiento Automotriz (Spanish: Automotive Maintenance Services)
SMASouthern Management Association (Academy of Management)
SMASexiest Man Alive (People magazine)
SMASmith-Mundt Act of 1948
SMASystem Migration Assistant (IBM software)
SMASpecial Measures Agreement (various nations)
SMASteel Manufacturers' Association
SMAService Militaire Adapté (French: Adapted Military Service)
SMASociety of African Missions (religious order)
SMASearch Marketing Agency (various locations)
SMAShared Memory Architecture
SMASemana de Música Avanzada (Spanish: Advanced Music Week; Guatemala)
SMASemi-Major Axis
SMASeattle Municipal Archives (Seattle, WA)
SMASystem Memory Address (computing)
SMASaskatchewan Medical Association
SMASystems Maintenance Administrator
SMASearch Marketing Automation (software)
SMASports Medicine Associates (various locations)
SMASociety of Municipal Arborists
SMASociety of Maritime Arbitrators
SMAShape Memory Polymer
SMASecurities Market Agency (Slovenia)
SMASound Music Album
SMASurface Mount Assembly
SMASuggested for Mature Audiences (movie ratings)
SMASacramento Metropolitan Area (California)
SMAStudio of Masquerade Arts (Canada)
SMASpectrum Management Agency
SMAServices de Médias Audiovisuels (French: Audiovisual Media Services; EU directive)
SMASecurity Manager Administration (software)
SMAStorage Management Appliance
SMASurface Movement Advisor (FAA)
SMAService Maintenance Agreement
SMASeparate Maintenance Allowance
SMASergeants' Major Academy
SMASaint Mary's Academy
SMASchool of Medicine Alliance (Oregon)
SMASequential Multiple Analysis (serum electrolytes)
SMASchools Music Association (UK)
SMASouthwest Movers Association
SMASue McLean & Associates (Minneapolis, MN)
SMASupply Margin Assessment
SMAStudent Marketing Association
SMAScientific Management Associates
SMAStatistics for Microarray Analysis (R programming language package)
SMASmall Museum Association
SMASwitching Mode Amplifier
SMASwedish Medical Association
SMASales and Marketing Association
SMASubject Matter Area
SMASelf Mutilators Anonymous (self-help group)
SMAStrategic Market Analysis
SMAStandardization Management Activity
SMASpectrophotometric Multicomponent Analysis
SMAStage Managers' Association
SMASpectrométrie de Masse par Accélérateur (French: Accelerator Mass Spectrometry)
SMAStairway Manufacturers' Association
SMASupply Management, Army
SMASmart Memory Alloy
SMASusquehanna Malayalee Association (Pennsylvania)
SMAS-Band Multiple Access
SMASplit Mastic Asphalt
SMAStudent Managed Assessment (computer-based learning)
SMASuperior Martial Arts (various locations)
SMAStorage Equipment Manufacturers Association
SMASecondary Mirror Assembly
SMASergeant Major Army
SMAStinger-Mac Accessories
SMASelf Managed Account
SMASan Manuel Arizona Railroad Company
SMASub-Miniature A Connector
SMASpectrum Manufacturers Association
SMAStatutory Marketing Authority
SMASolidarité Motards Accidentés (French: Damaged Motorcyclists Solidarity)
SMAScience Monitoring Area
SMASierra Madre Alliance
SMASystème Multiagent (French)
SMASoftware and Management Associates (Texas)
SMAShortfin Mako Shark (FAO fish species code)
SMAState Microenterprise Association
SMASimplified Memory-Bounded A
SMASemiconductor Manufacturers' Association (UK)
SMASaskatchewan Motorcycle Association (Canada)
SMASolution Management Assessment (SAP)
SMAStormwater Management Academy
SMAState Magistrates Association (New York)
SMASystems Management Association
SMASystem Management Architecture
SMASalad Manufacturers Association
SMAScheduled Maintenance Action
SMASanta Maria Island, Azores, Portugal (airport code)
SMAService Management Automation
SMASoftware Management Activity
SMASystem Management Authority
SMASales & Marketing Application
SMAShip's Material Account (US Navy)
SMASpecific Message Address
SMASpecific Military Agreement
SMASystem Message Alert
SMASterilizable Microbial Atrium (Veltek Associates, Inc.)
SMASite des Monts d'Arrée (nuclear power plant; Brennilis, France)
SMASpecific Memorandum of Agreement
SMASupervising Medical Attending (Maryland)
SMASpecial Mission Activities
SMAStudent Medical Assistant
SMASpecial Market Area
SMASub Multi Assembly (fiber optic cable connector type)
SMASubsequent Maximization Algorithm
SMASaudi Medical Association
SMASingle Manager for Ammunition
SMASenior Magistrates Association (license plate)
SMASpecialized Mission Aircraft
SMASupply Materiel Availability
SMASteel Matrix Asphalt (construction)
SMASpectroscopie Moléculaire et Applications (French: Molecular Spectroscopy and Applications)
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The thresher shark closure appeared to have the largest effect on thresher and shortfin mako shark catch rates, with both declining significantly (blue shark is not included in this discussion as observer coverage was not implemented until 1991).
1%) were missing latitude-longitude or other key information, leaving 106,749 logs for sword-fish, common thresher shark, and shortfin mako shark analysis; 202 out of 8,491 observer data records (2.
Horizontal and vertical movements of the shortfin mako shark, Isurus oxyrinchus, in the southern California bight.
Age and growth of the shortfin mako shark, Isurus oxyrinchus, from the western coast of Baja California Sur, Mexico.
In the past 20 years, many aspects on the biology of the shortfin mako shark have been reported by researchers and recent reviews of the scientific literature have been summarized (21); however, its population dynamics is still poorly known.
Shortfin mako shark commercial fishery data (1985-2008) were accessed and compiled from three different U.
The aim of the present study is to develop region-specific estimates of length at maturity for male and female porbeagle, blue and shortfin mako sharks, and to determine whether this parameter varies globally.
13]C Bi-plot of blue and shortfin mako sharks before 1980 (BE) and after 2000 (AF).
For individual species, significant quarterly variation in CPUE was found for silky, night, blue, oceanic whitetip, rays, sandbar, and shortfin mako sharks (Table 7).
1983) stated that shortfin mako sharks (Isurus oxyrinchus) from the Pacific appear to form growth rings annually, whereas Pratt and Casey (1983) stated that Atlantic specimens appeared to produce two rings per year.
The three quantifiable morphometric characters used by Sanzo (1912) were also not suitable to distinguish between small white and shortfin mako sharks (Fig.
However, the origin of the dorsal fin in both white and shortfin mako sharks varies from slightly-in-front-of to slightly-behind the pectoral fin free rear tip (Fig.