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SOFSpecial Operations Forces
SOFSoldier Of Fortune
SOFStatement of Financing
SOFSurvival of the Fittest (gaming clan)
SOFStatement of Faith
SOFShip of Fools
SOFSpeaking of Faith (religious podcast)
SOFSoldier of Fortune (computer game)
SOFStart Of Frame (ATM)
SOFScions of Fate (computer game)
SOFStrength of Field (rankings)
SOFSoldier of Future
SOFSummary of Findings (various organizations)
SOFSecrets of Faydwer (gaming)
SOFStatic-Output Feedback
SOFSound on Film
SOFStart of Frame
SOFSmall Outline F-Leaded Package
SOFSheepdrove Organic Farm (UK)
SOFSouth of France
SOFSempreviva Organização Feminista (Portuguese: Evergreen Feminist Organization; Brazil)
SOFShakespeare Oxford Fellowship (est. 2013)
SOFSoluble Organic Fraction
SOFSongs of Fellowship
SOFShow of Force
SOFStatute of Frauds
SOFSemaine Olympique Française (French: French Olympic Week)
SOFStatement of Facts (shipping)
SOFStrength Of Function
SOFSafety Of Flight
SOFSociety of Fellows
SOFSource Of Funds
SOFState of Fear (Michael Crichton book)
SOFStandard Operating Framework (various companies)
SOFSupervisor Of Flying
SOFSpecial Operating Forces (less common)
SOFSwiss Orchid Foundation (est. 2001)
SOFSaudi Oil Facility (Saudi Arabia)
SOFSignature on File
SOFShip & Ocean Foundation (Japan)
SOFSkin On Frame (Kayak)
SOFSound On Film (archaic; originally a scriptwriting term)
SOFSuperior Orbital Fissure (crack in the bone above the eye)
SOFService Order Form
SOFSave Our Future
SOFSmoke or Fire (band)
SOFSchool of Fisheries
SOFSongs of Freedom (Bob Marley and the Wailers box set)
SOFSpecialty Optical Fiber
SOFSouls on Fire (Elie Wiesel book; band; graffiti crew)
SOFStrategic Offensive Forces
SOFSmile on Face
SOFSlip-on Flange
SOFSales Order Form
SOFSyndicat des Orthoptistes de France (French: Orthoptists Union of France)
SOFStudy of Osteoporosis Fractures
SOFStudent Orchestra Festival (Linköping, Sweden)
SOFShare of Freehold
SOFSave our Families
SOFStatement of Functionality
SOFSofia, Bulgaria - Sofia International (Airport Code)
SOFSubtlety or Force
SOFSave Our Forests
SOFSpecial Olympics Florida, Inc.
SOFSilkeborg Oplysnings Forbund
SOFSon of Flicka (movie)
SOFSwitching Office Functionality
SOFSelf Organization Factor (computing)
SOFSWC Orders File
SOFSenior Orifice Fitting (gas measurement)
SOFSource Object File
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military show of force at the Philippines falls as ASEAN and Chinese officials meet in Thailand on Thursday.
Belgian journalist Paul Bellien points out that Putin's show of force coincided with Russia's assumption of the chairmanship of the G-8 nations "for the first time in history.
Rather than a declaration of war, the Okfuskee's attack on traders represented a show of force designed to put the British on guard.
But before Munkacsi abandoned Berlin, he caught the regime change on film, rendering Hitler's meeting with President Hindenburg on March 21, 1933, as the very image of a sinister, threatening, and uncompromising show of force.
Analysts view the recent wave of arrests of dissidents and human rights activists as a show of force by the young guard ahead of the congress.
It came as Iraqi authorities were preparing to launch the largest show of force since Saddam's ousting in the capital in a bid to curb the rampant insurgency, which has killed more than 650 people since the country's new government was announced on April 28.
Besides allowing the battery's Soldiers to hone their skills and showcase the effectiveness of their weapons, the recent exercise allowed the unit to synchronize all the fire support assets in the area, as a show of force, said battery commander CPT Brendan Raymond.
An estimated 15,000 people have protested in the capital, Bern--the first public show of force since Unia was founded two weeks ago.
North Carolina hesitated, but Franklin didn't: Sevier led 2,000 men westward through the woods to Nashville, and the show of force was enough to disband the Indians without a fight.
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)-led Stabilization Force (SFOR) conducting peace operations in the former Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY) conducted a show of force 25 March to 17 April 1998 to demonstrate SFOR's rapid reinforcement capability.
team fabricated intelligence and phony news reports to convince the Guatemalan military that defeat was inevitable, bluffing Arbenz out of office with a nominal show of force.
I believe that our show of force made the legislators realize that the CPA profession is serious about what we do, and that the vast majority of CPAs are professional and of very high integrity," says Paggi.