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STFSupremo Tribunal Federal
STFSummary Tape File (US Census)
STFSave the Family (various locations)
STFSpecial Task Force
STFStart to Finish (various companies)
STFSave the Tiger Fund
STFSynthetic Transmission Fluid (vehicles)
STFSvenska Turistföreningen
STFSofia the First (computer-animated TV series)
STFSewage Treatment Facility (various locations)
STFSeeing the Forest (political blog)
STFScience and Technology Foundation (New York)
STFSaskatchewan Teachers Federation
STFShrink to Fit (clothing)
STFSetup File
STFSave to File
STFScale to Fit
STFStorm Type Foundry (Czech Republic)
STFStudent Technology Fee
STFShort-Term Facility (finance)
STFSony Talk Forum
STFSongahm Taekwondo Federation (martial arts)
STFShort-Term Fluctuation
STFSustainability Task Force (various locations)
STFStorming the Floor (college basketball website)
STFStandard Formula
STFSlips, Trips, and Falls (occupational injuries)
STFStructured File (File Name Extension)
STFSpin Test Facility
STFSystemic Transformation Facility (IMF)
STFSpecial Transportation Fund
STFSteal This Film (movie)
STFSmooth Transition Focus (camera lens)
STFScientifiction (Early name for Science Fiction)
STFSchweizerische Technische Fachschule (Winterthur, Switzerland)
STFSecond to Find (geocaching)
STFScottish Training Federation (UK)
STFStudy Tagging File
STFShare Transfer Form
STFShort-Time Fourier
STFSearch the Forum
STFSignal Transfer Function
STFSystems Technology Forum
STFSource Time Function (seismology)
STFShort Term Forecast (weather)
STFSystem Transfer Function
STFSpecial Tactical Force (Crisis Zone game)
STFSingapore Taekwondo Federation
STFSoil Transport and Fate Database (US EPA)
STFStorm the Front (gaming clan)
STFSupport the Future
STFSeminole Tribe of Florida
STFSimple Test Framework
STFSatellite Test Facility
STFStep-over Toehold with Facelock (pro wrestling maneuver)
STFSpecific Transfer Factor
STFStep-Over Toe-Hold Face-Lock (wrestling)
STFSimulation and Training Function
STFSolar Test Facility
STFStanford Theatre Foundation (Palo Alto, CA)
STFStructural Test Firing (US Navy)
STFStormwater Treatment Facility
STFSatellite Tracking Facility
STFSystem Technology Forecast
STFSilence the Fall (band)
STFSpecial Turf Filler (artificial sport surface)
STFSoftware Testing Facility
STFSalafi Task Force
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The new approach, announced Wednesday, adds depth to the playing field and lets Pokemon monsters grow or shrink to fit their environment.
1970s SHRINK TO FIT The drainpipe is shape of choice designer brands the fray, charging hundreds of pounds for branded denim.
SHRINK TO FIT The drainpipe is the shape of choice and designer brands enter the fray, charging hundreds of pounds for branded denim.
Music stars like Bob Dylan, right, helped to make the casual cool of denim SHRINK TO FIT The drainpipe is the shape of choice and designer brands enter the fray, charging hundreds of pounds for branded denim.
Celtic jerseys are not for second best, they don't shrink to fit inferior players.
5,10 [euro] * Shrink to Fit Cellulite Smoother de Mio.
It will shrink to fit tight parking space and pick you up when you call it on phone.
Meanwhile, package form factors are expected to remain the same or even shrink to fit into smaller and slimmer devices.
There is a real danger that you shrink to fit the other's expectations.
During the next several months, we will learn more about the magnitude of losses for financial institutions, mortgage insurers, and investors, Though it is possible that some financial institutions will allow their balance sheets to shrink to fit what capital they have, others will find investors to put in more capital.
Not only does this allow wineries more "billboard space," the labels can shrink to fit the contours of any shape and size of bottle.
CORRECTION (ran 6/15/02): The phone number for Shrink to Fit is 343-2477.