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The United States Postal Service - The USPS is working as usual, the service is independent of the government and does not rely on tax dollars so it will not be impacted by the shutdown, (https://twitter.
This means that if Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats are successful in shutting down our government, Congress will still get paid," Flores said in a statement Friday hours before the shutdown.
The statement read: 'Senate Democrats own the Schumer Shutdown.
On July 28 complete shutdown and protests will be observed and on July 29 complete shutdown in the territory will be observed besides a march towards Jamia Masjid Srinagar will be held.
Federal employees use a significant amount of time and energy to plan for a potential shutdown even if one does not occur.
Neway also supplied operatives for stand-by duties during the shutdown.
With the shutdown, Dal Khalsa leaders want to send out a strong message that the wounds of the attack are still open.
Normal life was disrupted following the shutdown, leaving commuters stranded across different bus stops and stations.
Patrick, who is currently on a trade mission to Canada, said the shutdown also threatens those state programs that are funded in whole or in part with federal grants.
If the shutdown persists for longer, or if the political discord gets even worse, the hit to the economy would be greater.
The US shutdown could delay the Federal Reserve's taper to January from December and this could give the RBI more time to raise forex, analysts said.
As non-essential parts of the federal government remain closed, 70% of Americans view the shutdown as a crisis or a major problem, even higher than the 56% saying the same at the height of the last shutdown in 1995.