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The carrier (heterozygous sickle-cell trait or S) affects 500 individuals per 100,000 births, even though children do not show signs of the disease until they are six months old.
Patients affected by RMC are usually younger African-Americans, with a median age of 22 and affected by sickle-cell trait.
The distribution of sickle-cell trait in East Africa and elsewhere and its apparent relationship to the incidence of subtertian malaria.
The workers allege that the lab discriminated against women, who were tested for pregnancy, and African Americans, who were tested for the sickle-cell trait.
If this gene was present on only one of a chromosome pair, the carriers possessed sickle-cell trait.
On the other hand, sickle-cell trait is more common and causes a less serious condition, and it is one of the most controversial subjects of genetic testing in the workplace.
New York's Civil Rights Law covers blind or deaf employees and Florida protects employees who carry the sickle-cell trait.
Black military recruits carrying the abnormal hemoglobin S in their red blood cells are 28 to 40 times more likely to die suddenly during strenuous physical exertion than are recruits without the so-called sickle-cell trait, researchers reported this week.
Search terms included 'Plasmodium falciparum', 'merozoite surface protein', 'genetic diversity', 'malaria', 'multiplicity', 'molecular epidemiology', 'sickle-cell trait', 'natural immunity', 'immune response' used in various combinations like 'merozoite surface protein + genetic diversity', 'sickle-cell trait + genetic diversity', 'merozoite surface protein + sickle-cell trait + P.
On the other hand, old age of his parents and relatives - up to 50 years - means they could very well have carried sickle-cell traits, and could therefore have been highly resistant to malaria.