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SICONSingapore International Conference on Networks (IEEE)
SICONSensors for Industry Conference
SICONStrategically Integrated Coalition of Nations (StartShip Troopers TV show)
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SICON, the leading supplier of advanced solutions for the processing and recovery of shredder residue, has appointed a new Head of Sales Peter Wilbert will take on his new duties as of January 1, 2014.
A company called SiCon GmbH, based in Hilchenbach, Germany, has been developing and testing technology that can separate some plastics by resin type and then make up to three desirable products from the plastic portion of the ASR stream.
A shredder residue recycling process developed by SiCon GmbH of Hilchenbach, Germany, is being installed at a Belgian scrap facility located near the port of Antwerp.