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SLGSlugging Percentage (baseball)
SLGSmall Leather Good
SLGSmart Logistic Group (shipping)
SLGSimuLation Game
SLGStatus Log
SLGSlave Labor Graphics (comic book publisher)
SLGState and Local Government
SLGSavoy Label Group (music)
SLGService Level Guarantee
SLGSchweizer Licht Gesellschaft (German: Swiss Light Company; Switzerland)
SLGSingle Line to Ground (power quality)
SLGStudent Liaison Group (various organizations)
SLGSilly Little Girl
SLGSisters of the Love of God
SLGSentosa Leisure Group (various locations)
SLGStrategic Leaders Group (Australia)
SLGSiboney Learning Group (Siboney Corporation)
SLGSpoiled Little Girl
SLGSuper Light Gun (paintball)
SLGSenior Level Group
SLGState & Local Guide (FEMA documents)
SLGStrictly Localized Geminal
SLGService Level Goal
SLGSparer Law Group (San Francisco, CA)
SLGSalem, Orgeon Greyhound Station ( Amtrak station code; Salem, OR)
SLGSpecial Little Guy
SLGStudents in Local Government
SLGSud Logiciel Gestion (French: Southern Management Software)
References in classic literature ?
I know I'm a silly little girl, and I'll stay with you till I'm fit to take care of myself.
Yes I was a silly little girl but it's not my career being ruined so I shouldn't have been made to think that.
I hope he does dump the silly little girl and meets someone who trusts and respects him enough not to be so controlling.
This Wednesday nearly millions of viewers will see her snarl about posh rival Lucinda Ledgerwood: "I don't expect a member of my team acting like a spoilt silly little girl who's thrown her dummy out of the pram, else I'll just get it and shove it down her throat.
Sir, - Josie Sandercock may be described as a silly little girl, anxious for publicity (Post Jul 9).
Mandy Power told a close friend she was like ``a silly little girl in love''.
Them speaking out made me Victim: got Linda in bear realise that I wasn't a silly little girl, and that what he did to me was as wrong as I thought it was that day.
They thought it was a silly little girl fling with a father figure.
When I asked him to leave me alone he told me I was a silly little girl.
I was constantly being dismissed publicly, in meetings and privately as, 'Oh, you know, silly little girl, young woman, really doesn't know what she's at'.