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SILUSistema Informatico Libre Universitario (Spanish: Free University Information System)
SILUSugar Industry Labourers' Union (Southern African Farm Workers Union)
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See generally Bao Wanchao, Sheli xianfa weiyuanhui he zuigao fayuan weixian shencha ting bingxing de fuhezhi: wanshan woguo weixian shencha zhidu de lingyizhong silu [Establishing a Composite System Combining a Constitutional Committee and Constitutional Chamber of the SPC: Another Way to Improve Constitutional Review System in China], 4 FAXUE [LEGAL SCIENCE] (1998) (arguing for a constitutional committee to review constitutionality).
Her documentary is about women in Nepal who joined the rebel army during the country's tenyear civil war and follows the story of Silu, who ended up fighting against her brother during the conflict.
1978-1984 nian zhongguo jinji tizhi gaige silu de yanjin" [Reformist thinking of China's economic system, 1978-1984].
Tako statist u (17) i (19) ne utjece na raspored sile u dogadaju, marioneta iz primjera (15) posredno prenosi metaforicku silu nekog agensa, a va'na uloga u (20) pokazuje izravni (premda ne jedini) doprinos pokretanju nekog dogadaja.
Ketvirtoji rajonu grupe: Panemune su Panemunes silu kaip atskiru rajonu ir dar tik besiformuojantys, taciau aiskiomis ribomis atskirti Roku bei Vaisvydavos rajonai.
Zhan Silu, vice chairman of the patriotic association, said in a statement last week on the anniversary of self-ordination that criticisms against the practice are ''unsubstantiated.
The defendant is charged for acting alone or together with Pollycarpus conducting a premeditated murder of human rights activist Munir during a flight from Jakarta to Den Haag," Silu told the court.
Mandel'-shtam's article "Buria i natisk" contains a revealing back-handed compliment: "Togda prikhodit poet, voskreshaiushchii devstvennuiu silu logicheskogo stroia predlozheniia.
With: Xu Fan, Li Yixiang, Xiao Xiangyu, Jin Hong, Yao Lu, Qiao Gesang Hongduo, Hue Lin, Zhang Ying, Ren Silu, Wang Hongwei, Yu Genyi, An Jing, Wang Ziyi.
She opens her paper with a Luangan myth in which the Creator God produces human-like figures that only become true human beings when they are turned around, or rotated, by the goddess Itak Silu Malik.
Figaishui xiangguan wenti fenxi ji jiben duice silu tantao [Problems and Solutions of Transforming from Fees to Taxation]," in (G.