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SINDOScaled Intermediate Neglect of Differential Overlap
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The stories of people like Maman Sindo are the subject of Crossings: The journey to peace, a photo essay by the prizewinning photographer Carol Allen Storey for peacebuilding charity International Alert, with interviews collected by researcher Alexis Bouvy.
That the Sindo cultural festival which is meant to be annual was held only once in 1995.
A sampling frame of 565 children was constituted as follows: 125, 200 and 245 children from Ong'ayo, Lambwe and Sindo Primary Schools, respectively.
4) En estas reuniones se conocieron artistas como Zequeira, <<Tata>> Villegas y Pancho Majagua, Sindo Garay y sus hijos Hatuey y Guarione, entre otros y otras--porque la trova era democratica e igualadora--como Maria Teresa Vera, autora de una preciosa cancion que no ha perdido vigencia y seguimos oyendo en estos dias, como <<Veinte anos>>: ?
y espresando que esta en el Museo sin citar orn ni causa, lo que igualmente ignoramos, sindo lo unico que podemos informar en el particular.
It operates a number of television stations RCTI, TPI and Global TV, Radio Trijaya, Radio Female, daily newspaper Sindo, tabloid Genie, etc.
And the Sindo, demonstrating their known acumen for cuttingedge news, wanted to know how much Murphy spent on the little one's Holy Communion.
At least two cases of children trafficking for sexual commerce had been found by the Centre for Women and Children Protection (Pos Kota, 25 June 2007; Sindo, 25 June 2007).
Keynote speakers include industry leaders such as: Sindo Oliveros, director of Pension Plan and Endowments, the World Bank Pension Fund; Ronald A.
i (susio) * suzu sucio sende 'sende (--) * sende encender sindo 'sinta senda, * senta sentarse senta sint[?
233) Rwezaura, Building a New Family Law, supra note 138, at 530 (calling the Sindo case "a spectacular development of the law outside the walls of parliament" and noting that such a remedy was not even available to cohabitants in more socially progressive countries like Great Britain).
In this connection, one may cite: Voaga, Roumde, Zakin Naba, Zabyouya, Zou-Pondo, Sindo.
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