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SINESSociety of Inland Northwest Environmental Scientists (Spokane, Washington)
SINESShort Interspersed Nuclear Element Sequence Class (gene research)
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Sines told owner Jayne Rudolf: "You are never going to be able to sell it.
What lies at the heart of this investigation are the actions of two individuals Maurice Sines and James Crickmore who, together with their associates, were prepared to corrupt jockeys and to cheat at betting by the misuse of 'inside information'.
Following the Navy, Sines led the backend web development and traffic optimization efforts for three years at eAcceleration in Washington and then spent time as a software engineer at Aegis, an engineering firm in Seattle.
The trends in Figure 1A show the count numbers of orthologous SINEs between the human and cattle based on imprinted genes of the human and mouse.
Though SINEs and LINEs may fulfill no useful mission in the genome, these self-serving molecules turn out to have unique value in mapping the twists and turns of evolution.
After five years of frustrations Jayne threw the towel in and sold the home to Sines for PS15,000.
In May, we reported that Sines and his business partner James Crickmore had been fined pounds 1,000 each for a string of offences at their Medina Park site on the Isle of Wight.
Sines, 48, and Crickmore, 31, were banned from British racing along with nine others after being labelled the masterminds behind a conspiracy to lay horses to lose on betting exchanges during 2009.
The North is taken into consideration with its ports due to be linked to the Vilar Formoso as well as completion of the MarEuo tunnel while the ports of Sines, Lisbon and SetE[bar]bal are due to get an upgraded cargo railway connection to Spain.
Maurice Sines and James Crickmore, who run 16 park home sites from Norfolk to Dorset, have been making their residents' lives miserable for years.
In reasons for punishments published on Monday, it emerged that an application was made on Crickmore's behalf that he should receive a shorter sentence than the 14 years handed to co-conspirator Maurice Sines because "racing played a more important part in his social life".