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The singulate mean age at marriage based on proportions single in the seven groups of five-year age-span within the age span of 15 to 49 years is estimated as follows.
Following this procedure, the singulate mean age at marriage for females in the ages between 15 to 49, from the 1975 Pakistan Fertility Survey, (3) comes to 19.
Just as proportions single in age group are used to estimate Singulate Mean Age at Marriage, .
One main reason behind this was that the singulate mean age at marriage increased over this period from 19.
The singulate mean age at marriage thus computed can be used for intercensal inter-surveys or for inter-country comparison.
And they contend that the mean age at first parity for both years is lower than the corresponding singulate mean age at marriage.
1) While estimates of Singulate Mean Age at Marriage provided in Table 2 deafly show an increase over this period, the results of this study regarding mean age at different parities provide a further insight into these phenomenon of women's reproduction.
90) between the singulate mean age at marriage and the index of fertility control based on the age pattern of marital fertility due to Louis Henry.
1) Hajnal's Singulate Mean Age at Marriage (SMAM) utilizes percent Never Married, using a single decrement procedure, the implied average number of years of never married life for a hypothetical cohort.
Table 2 Singulate Mean Age at Marriage and Proportion Single in Younger Age Group in Various Census Years for Males and Females in Pakistan Proportion Single Census Singulate Mean Age at Year 15-19 20-24 Marriage Male Female Male Female Male Female Difference (M-F) 1951 68.
The differences in singulate mean age at marriage and proportions marrying at earlier ages are indeed striking.