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SINTRASindicato Nacional dos Tradutores (Brazilian national, professional society of translators)
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En route to the you can stop at vineyards and sample the local Colares wine and explore Sintra town itself, picturesque and teeming with local crafts and produce.
From its perch you can see the whole of Sintra below, which was indeed the idea as it was built to protect the residents.
I strongly recommend you make arrangements with the hotel to embark on a horseback journey through the breathtaking Sintra Mountains.
Many things have changed in modern world, and especially in PR business in the recent years, but in spite of all changes ethics and honesty remain the major factor for this business, and only they can guarantee its development," Behar told the ICCO summit in Sintra.
While the chimneys of the National Palace at Sintra make it a landmark at a distance, the Casa das Historias is more discreet; from every angle it is semi-screened by trees.
Gabriela, who works at a gym in Sintra, near Lisbon, dated the 24-year-old Portuguese superstar for a whole six weeks after meeting him in a Lisbon nightclub.
some short stories, one of these being "Byron in Sintra.
About 40 minutes the other way from Estoril and Cascais is Sintra, a pretty town nestled in the Sintra mountains among lush green forests.
Oddly, it's 500m up in the Serra de Sintra, 20 miles from the Portuguese capital of Lisbon.
Savouring the taste of a final queijada da Sapa (sweet goat's cheese tartlet, a Sintra delicacy dating back to 1756 ) we re greafully had to leave the happily ever after fairy realms behind.
To revisit some of the area's ancient palatial splendours, it's a short drive to Sintra - a designated World Heritage Site.
The troupe made its international debut in August 2002, at the Ballet Nights Festival in Sintra, Portugal.