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SINTRASindicato Nacional dos Tradutores (Brazilian national, professional society of translators)
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Without commenting on whether the details in the PCIJ report were sufficient to launch an investigation, Bautista said the PCGG was "duty bound to investigate" the Sintra Trust.
Alternatively, you can take an open-topped tourist bus which calls at Sintra, Estoril and Cascais costing about pounds 12 for the round-trip.
after exploring Sintra try coffee and the delicious local pastries at the blue-tiled Cafe Paris in the central square (just pounds 2).
MPVs are about flexibility, and Sintra has the full range of seating and load- carrying variations.
Having visited the granite stoneyards at Sintra and seen how they could produce and assemble repetitive components, Rewal decided on a structural system for the Ismaili Centre which, informed by the latest engineering software, would effectively flitch the compressive strength of stone with the tensile strength of steel.
At 15ft 6ins long, the Sintra is only eight inches longer than a Vectra and styled like an estate car, especially from the front.
DAYS OUT: Undoubtedly, the highlight of any trip to Lisbon is an afternoon spent at Sintra, the former summer retreat for the kings of Portugal (and Lord Byron and his pals) set in wooded hills to the North West of the city.
Caption: Sintra is one of the most entrancing places in the world.
Vauxhall's MPV, the US-built Sintra, is a seven or eight-seater designed to look like a cross between an estate car and an MPV and drive like a Vectra or an Omega.
Nestled in the National Park of the Southern Sintra Mountains, just 25 km from Lisbon, the Penha Longa Hotel and Golf Resort location traces its origins back to the 14th century, when the area known as "long rock" was first inhabited by a Hyeronimous community.
Rescue workers found the wreckage last night in the Sintra mountains north west of the capital, the Portuguese Lusa news agency said.