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SIRETSystème Informatique du Répertoire des Entreprises et de Leurs Établissement (France)
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Total quantity or scope: services for the study of supply and processing DEM data and geospatial maps of risk and hazard to achieve the project Prevention and protection against flooding in the upper basins of the rivers Prut and Siret, by implementing a modern monitoring system with automatic stations - EAST AVERT, MIS Code 966
The floods that affected the Lower Siret Basin in July 2005 represent the event from which the idea of elaborating a research & development project has started.
He explained: "The orphanage at Siret is like a mental hospital.
Later, Siret differentiated between pieces made of elephant ivory and others from hippopotamus ivory (Siret 1913: 33) and argued that both groups were imported from Egypt as finished objects.
WITH her alcohol addiction spiralling out of control, Jeanette Siret saw no reason to carry on.
Regions around the Black Sea, including Euxine-Colchic broadleaf forests (deltas of the Kizil and Yesil Rivers), westernmost Pontic steppe (Lake Sivash), and Balkan mixed forests (deltas of the Danube, Olt, and Siret Rivers) have been loci for outbreaks in the central Eurasian region since October 1, 2005.
At least her efforts have helped alleviate the misery and suffering of children abandoned by their families and living in horrific conditions in Siret.
Usha Siret, like nearly everybody else in the profession, had to apply to the bureau so it could check their suitability to work with children.
Daniel is bidding to buy a former State-owned farmstead at Siret in Romania, which was abandoned with the fall of Communism in 1989.
The charity helps rehome orphans in Siret, northern Romania.
A team of 20 police officers had travelled to Siret, in the north east of the country, to build a playground and repair a number of buildings for children in an orphanage.
O'Donnell, who has pledged pounds 1million to the appeal, officially opened the first of the homes in the northern town of Siret last month.