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SIRTSecurity Incident Response Team
SIRTSimultaneous Iterative Reconstruction Technique
SIRTSelective Internal Radiotherapy
SIRTStaten Island Rapid Transit Railway Company
SIRTSerious Incident Response Team
SIRTSpam Incident Reporting & Termination (CastleCops)
SIRTSignaling Information Receiver/Transmitter
SIRTScreen Industries Research and Training Centre (Canada)
SIRTShot Indicating Resetting Trigger (firearms)
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We can now offer SIRT to eligible patients, many of whom have no other treatment options available.
Gebelerde bel ve sirt agrisinin gebeligin erken doneminde baslayarak gebeligin ilerlemesi ile arttigi (%48-90), dogum sonrasinda azalmakla birlikte devam ettigi (%9,4) bilinmektedir (3)
Bunlardan paralel sirt paterni gosteren birinci lezyon histopatolojik olarak malin melanom ile uyumlu bulunmustu (Resim 2A).
The main issue facing the emergency summit in Sirt regarded developing the Arab system.
He was commenting on the results of the meetings of the Arab Economic and Social Council, an affiliate of the Arab League, ahead of the 22nd Arab Summit, in Sirt, Libya.
AaAbbas' idea of leaving the summit was aimed at protesting againstAahis reception in Sirt.
In the opening of Sirt Summit, Sheikh Hamad: The joint Arab action faces a true crisis which can't be ignored.
Al-Tahadi University is a public university in the Libyan city of Sirt.
In this paper we study the semi-convergence for the SIRT methods, and we use our insight to propose two new methods for adaptively choosing the relaxation parameter.
Bu calismada kronik bel agrisi olan kadin hastalarda on kol, kalca, lomber bolgelerden kemik mineral yogunlugu ve karin, sirt kasi gucu olcumleri yapilarak bel agrisi risk faktorleri ile iliskisi arastirildi.
Together with its partner, the Libyan Investment Authority (LIA), BP Exploration Libya signed an exploration and production sharing agreement with Libya's National Oil Corporation (NOC) to explore offshore in Libya's Sirt basin and onshore in the Ghadames basin.