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SISISistema de Solicitudes de Información (a la Administración Pública Federal; Mexico)
SISIShort Increment Sensitivity Index
SISIStandards and Indicators for School Improvement
SISISports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue
SISISmall Industries Service Institutes (India)
SISISpinal Injuries Survey Instrument
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Aside from militants over the border in Libya, Sisi faces an insurgency in the Sinai Peninsula, where Islamic State's Egypt wing claimed responsibility for a series of attacks that killed over 30 members of the security forces in January.
Sisi visited Russia when he was defense minister soon after ousting Morsi -- amid deteriorating relations with Washington -- and he followed up with an August 2014 trip as president.
In an interview with the Abu Dhabi TV Channel, Sisi described Egypt's relationship with the UAE as "strong and balanced since it was founded by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan," the official news agency (WAM) quoted him as saying.
Presidential spokesperson Alaa Youssef stated that President Al Sisi had affirmed that the crises the region is undergoing had proven the vibrancy and sincerity of the ties between the UAE and Egypt.
Many Egyptians share that hope, but they have limited patience, staging street protests that toppled two leaders in the past three years, and the election turnout of just 47 percent shows Sisi is not as popular as when he toppled Mursi.
Sisi talks about how Egyptians "must work, day and night, without rest" to restore the economy after three years of revolutionary chaos, and his budget plan calls for slashing energy subsidies by 22pc in one year.
Al Sisi, 59, has ridden a wave of popularity in Egypt since his ouster of the country's first democratically elected president following enormous street protests against Mursi's one-year-old rule.
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday that Abu Sisi "is a Hamas man" and had provided valuable information, which the Israeli leader did not specify.
Sisi and Hollande agreed to cooperate in efforts to counter terrorism, resolve the Palestinian situation and support the current Iraqi government.
We are actively developing our military and technological cooperation," Putin later told Sisi at the Russian president's Black Sea resort summer residence.
Both Erdoy-an and Sisi employ an intensely antagonistic rhetoric against the other to influence their own publics.
Sisi and his delegation were on board for just over 30 minutes.