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Thus, the six-dimensional model of culture shows the key differences between nations, which may help in applying and then accepting change.
The project will be conducted by combining techniques from their areas of research with my expertise on six-dimensional SCFTs and their tensionless strings.
The six-dimensional nonlinear system was given by the following equation:
But they are not clearly informed about this six-dimensional space model and as a result, use the same terms in a system in a different order.
On the other hand, we can use the same Mairhuber argument to show that a six-dimensional subspace cannot interpolate the functionals in question.
It also reviewed the main factors which constrain the ability of the Arabs to deal with environmental problems, and suggested a six-dimensional strategy to deal with the environment.
7 (e)] is the six-dimensional position and orientation information of the stylus of the PHANTOM device.
He describes Hook and Darling as ``flipsides of the same psyche -which means I am already up to being six-dimensional.
Korean Endgame has strong chess overtones, given the China/Russia/Japan/ North Korea/South Korea/US grid as the arena where all country actors have only hawks and pragmatists (no doves fly in this six-dimensional space).
In the characterization of germplasm, each accession is represented by a point in a six-dimensional space, the coordinates of which provide an indication of the scores for each character.
GFT NMR will allow researchers to record a five- or six-dimensional experiment in about an hour or less--all because the measurement times increase linearly, not exponentially with the number of dimensions.
As the scoring of items into six specific self-concept scales was based on a six-dimensional model (excluding Global Self-Worth), it was of interest to test this model as it applied to Hong Kong Chinese gifted students, using maximum likelihood confirmatory factor analysis (LISREL 8; Joreskog & Sorbom, 1993).