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6ADSixth Airborne Division (Great Britain)
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D-Day found him in a glider with the Sixth Airborne Division.
John, who will be 91 tomorrow, was in the Sixth Airborne Division and stayed behind enemy lines for months.
My uncle, staff sergeant Oliver Boland, piloted the second of six gliders of the British Sixth Airborne Division to land in France in adverse conditions.
The widowed father of three, who lives in Heaton, Newcastle, fought in the Sixth Airborne Division and landed on the Normandy beaches on D-Day.
ALONGSIDE campaign medals and photographs taken by a paratrooper from the Sixth Airborne Division, George brought home a silver watch for his wife - now owned by his daughter, Vivien.
Both served in the Sixth Airborne Division after signing up at 16.
He served with the Sixth Airborne Division (224 Parachute Field Ambulance) from 1944 onwards in Europe and the Middle East.
Actor Richard Todd, star of celebrated films The Dam-busters and The Longest Day, served with the Sixth Airborne Division and was the first man of the main force to parachute out over Normandy.
AS A former sergeant in the Paras' Sixth Airborne Division, I am disgusted at the lack of support given to the six lads who died (Daily Mirror, March 1).