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SKASESlovak Association for the Study of English (Slovakia)
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Urban blue-collar Christopher Skase (fugitive tycoon).
Skase (52), was admitted to hospital for chemotherapy last month.
Professor Skase said: "Women now have careers, mortgages and they don't need sex for financial security or a roof over their heads.
SUN HILL IT'S NOT: Repentant Donaldson (left) and Fletcher after release from West End Central Picture: JAYNE RUSSELL; SCRAPBOOK: As fans remember Proctor (left) and Skase
Examples abound, but the experiences of Bond and Skase clearly demonstrate the inability or unwillingness of the banks rigorously to monitor their credit risks.
Elliot and other recently prosecuted Australian capitalists such as Alan Bond and Christopher Skase have an enormous capacity to defend themselves by hiring the top legal defense teams and playing out the courtroom process to its limits through the corporatization, lawyerization, and medicalization of defenses against prosecution.
Then the Gold Coast has produced characters such as Skase, Russ Hinze and so on.
In March 1989, Skase sold a combined 49 percent interest in his three-hotel Mirage Resorts to Japan's Mitsui & Co.
The conference will be hosted by SKASE (The Slovak Association for the Study of English) and Pavol Jozef Safarik University, and the chair of the academic programme committee is Slavka Tomascikova.
Equally as important was Callinan's work representing the Commonwealth in extradition proceedings against Christopher Skase in Australian and Spanish Courts.
In subsequent years, Kirk wheeled and dealed with everyone from Giancarlo Parretti, an Italian waiter, to Christopher Skase, a shadowy Australian financier, to Peter Guber and Jon Peters.