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SLAVSchool Library Association of Victoria
SLAVSex, Lies and Videotape
SLAVSubject Level Adjusted Variable (biostatistics)
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Through all these projects we jointly made a noteworthy contribution to the nurturing of the Slavic identity and to the promotion of the rich culture of the Slavic countries, which supplements the concept of multicultural diversity that typifies Europe as well as every nation and state as a separate whole.
The Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union was established in the Greenpoint section of Brooklyn, New York, in 1976.
On 20 September 2013, 24 university applicants from the list of MP Osmonaliyev were unlawfully admitted into the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University with payment of tuition.
In an effort to counter these impacts and improve the environmental health of the community, Slavic Village Development is joining American Forests and the Alcoa Foundation in a Global ReLeaf project to plant 55 trees on abandoned land that spans nearly five acres.
For most of their history (at least a millennium), the culture and art of the Slavs was intimately and exclusively associated with religion and faith, and much of the modern Slavic art is still of the Eastern religious nature.
Slavic Masterpieces has an interesting representation of composers, some of which are recognizable to the knowledgeable piano teacher, and others that are slightly more obscure.
Curiously enough, even Serbian, which is a South Slavic language, bears a great, if not a most relevant, similarity to child both in its current meaning 'offspring' and its obsolete meaning 'young male servant, lad in service' (noted in ME for the first time in 1382, to become obsolete by the beginning of the 17th century).
The Polish & Slavic Federal Credit Union has long been a beacon of hope and pride for thousands of Polish-Americans, and has recently been identified as an example of how a financial organization should operate.
What makes these cutting-edge designs stand out are their enigmatic SLAVIC SYMBOLS.
This book, though the title reveals little, is about pottery of late Slavic type which appeared around AD 1000 in what is today Sweden and became the dominant ceramic type in large parts of that country until the late twelfth and thirteenth century when it was replaced by another ware of foreign origin, the hard grey wares of north-western central Europe.
If you had gone to the 2009 Slavic Festival on Saturday or Sunday at the Wheeler Pavilion at the Lane Events Center, you would have known that by now, having seen it displayed with other Slavic facts on an overhead projector.
It is with this critical cluster in mind that I open my reflections on the cultural translatability of Faulkner's work into Slavic languages and cultures with the following question: "Da li ti Viljem Fokner stvarno zvuci slovenski?