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SVSave (baseball relief pitcher statistic)
SVEl Salvador (country top level domain)
SVSilicon Valley
SVSummer Vacation
SVSolenoid Valve
SVStroke Volume
SVSievert (radiation dose unit of measure)
SVSupport Vector (learning algorithms)
SVSteve Vai (musician)
SVSimi Valley (California)
SVSims Vacation (game)
SVSierra Vista
SVSuper Veloce (Lamborghini)
SVSite Visit
SVSaudi Arabian Airlines
SVSouth Vietnam
SVSimian Virus
SVSosialistisk Venstreparti (Norwegian political party)
SVState Vector (physics)
SVSuper Value
SVSurface Vehicle
SVSound Velocity
SVScout Vehicle
SVStructural Variation (genomics)
SVSpace Vehicle
SVService View
SVVerein für Deutsche Schäferhunde e.V.
SVStochastic Volatility
SVStudieförbundet Vuxenskolan (Sweden)
SVSonoma Valley (California)
SVStop Valve
SVSurvival Vest
SVSuper Villain
SVSexual Violence
SVSteam Valve
SVSubclavian Vein
SVSun Valley High School (Aston, Pennsylvania)
SVSudden Victory (wrestling)
SVSleeve Valve (petroleum production hardware)
SVSluice Valve
SVSe Vende (Spanish)
SVSystems View
SVSchedule Variance
SVSecurity Version (Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2)
SVSport Veloce (Lamborghini model)
SVScientific Visualization
SVSatellite Vehicle
SVSpeed Value
SVScalar Value (programming)
SVSound Vision
SVSecure Voice
SVSoftware Visualization
SVSweet Vermouth (alcoholic beverage)
SVSegmental Vitiligo (skin disorder)
SVService Vendor (Bellcore)
SVSafety Valve
SVShutttle Vehicle
SVSingular Vector
SVSavona, Liguria (Italian province)
SVSuceava County (Romania)
SVSailing Vessel
SVSteam Vat (drafting and design)
SVSüddeutscher Verlag (German publisher)
SVSniper Variant
SVStaff Vacancy (on overtime forms)
SVStudent Venture
SVSiemens VDO Automotive Ag (aka SVDO)
SVSpecial Volunteer (various organizations)
SVScience Verification (Hubble Telescope)
SVSuggested Viewing
SVShipment Visibility
SVSacral Vertebrae
SVSignificant Violator
SVScience de La Vie (French: Life Science)
SVSubmarine Radar (submarine radar)
SVStatic Vessels (band)
SVSampling Visit
SVSub Verbo (Latin: Under the Word, Under the Heading of)
SVSelective Volunteer (US DoD)
SVSisters of Life (Sorores Vitae) (religious order)
SVStarting Vector
SVStar Vipers (gaming club)
SVSpiritus Vini (Latin: alcoholic Spirit)
SVSkanes Väl (Scania's Welfare)
SVSeed Vector
SVSalva Trucha (Guatemala gang)
SVSilent Vengeance (gaming; band)
SVSahel Vert (Burkina Faso)
SVSpeech Voltmeter
SVSapper Vehicle
SVSacra Virgra (Latin: Consecrated Virgin; religious inscription)
SVSpacer Vest
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BEIRUT: A modern design and quirky panache, the Smallville is making waves as Beirut's newest five-star hotel.
The 10 winners of the Smallville DVDs will be selected at random in a draw.
Smallville has spent ten seasons charting Clark Kent's youth and move to Metropolis in more detail than any Superman series in history.
A source said: "Al and Miles know Kelly from their time on Smallville and they think she is a star in the making.
The first issue is focused on celebrating the launch of the all new and final season of Smallville on the CW.
This six-disc box set is a must for fans of Smallville and Superman with 22 action-packed episodes, plus all-new extras including special features, trailers and deleted scenes.
Select and screen for them an episode of the TV show Smallville or a Superman film.
Superman is raised on earth in a "backwater" town reminiscent of Nazareth: Smallville.
Still, Michael, 31, is incredibly grateful to Smallville, which focuses on Clark Kent's teenage years for making him a star.
The Adventures of Superman (and its offspring Lois & Clark Smallville, etc.
When Christopher Reeve first put on Superman's cape in 1978 there had already been a dozen films about the man of steel, and by the time Tom Welling stepped into the role of the boy from Smallville in 2001 there had been six TV series about Krypton's favorite son.