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SMJStrategic Management Journal
SMJSouthern Medical Journal
SMJService Municipal de La Jeunesse (French: Municipal Youth Service)
SMJsubject matter jurisdiction
SMJSummary Judgment (legal term)
SMJSaber Marionette J (WinAMP skin)
SMJScottish Medical Journal (Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow)
SMJSuper Multiple Junction (automotive wiring)
SMJSaudi Medical Journal
SMJUnion Nationale des Spécialistes En Matériels de Parcs et Jardins (French: National Union of Specialists In Equipment for Parks and Gardens)
SMJSociété des Mines de Jouac (French: Jouac Mining Company; France)
SMJSongklanagarind Medical Journal (Prince of Songkla University, Thailand)
SMJSweet Mother of Jesus
SMJSchönstatt-Mannes-Jugend (German religious initiative)
SMJSmartjack (Hekimian)
SMJScatman John (singer)
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The eSmartJack delivers all of the performance monitoring and fault isolation functionality of the original SmartJack, plus the addition of Westell's SiteVu[TM] telemetry system - all at GigE speed.
The smartjacks for the voice and data circuits began flashing like disco lights and we lost phone access.