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SMATSubstance Misuse Action Team (UK)
SMATShoot Me a Text
SMATState Medical Assistance Team
SMATSanta Maria Area Transit (Santa Maria, CA)
SMATSociété du Métro de l'Agglomération Toulousaine (French: Subway Corporation of the Toulouse Area; France)
SMATSyndicat Mixte d'Aménagement Touristique (French: Mixed Union of Tourism Development)
SMATSatellite and Missile Analysis Tool
SMATScience Math and Technology
SMATSafety Management Auditing Technique
SMATSee Me About This
SMATSupply Maintenance Assistance Team
SMATSingle Men Alone Together
SMATSmall Molecule Anti-genomic Therapeutics (biodefense technology)
SMATSoftware-Managed Address Translation
SMATSupply Management Action Team
SMATSchool of Missionary Aviation Training
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Nothing is moving," said Smat, whose images were selected from his series on Beirut.
Smat feels his photos of Beirut reflect "a republic that has not matured sufficiently since its origins.
1-3) The basic principle of SMAT is the generation of plastic deformation in the surface layer of a bulk material by means of the repeated multidirectional impact of flying balls (GCr15 steel in most cases) on the sample surface.
Reports on the effect of SMAT on the corrosion resistance are somewhat conflicting.
Anyone who wants to attend the workshop should contact SURGE on 01905 724754 or SMAT on 01905 766735.
North Wales Police sought to deal with the application, on behalf of SMAT, in the most cost-effective manner by means of written representations.
Personnel assigned to SMAT units have the opportunity to receive in-rate training while performing annual training (AT) and provide drill weekend support to the fleet.
Contract award notice: Cleaning service at the premises owned and managed by smat (ref.
Phil Deakin, SMAT co-ordinator said: "Individuals need to know about the support the local services offer so they can make an informed choice about where to go and what they can expect.
Bohonis, USNR, (Gold Star in lieu of Second Award), SMAT Team Leader, Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.
Kate Rowberry, SMAT support worker, said: "Anyone, whether they are colleagues, friends, family members or current or ex-service users can nominate a team or individual.
Contract award notice: Recovery service for biological sludge produced by urban wastewater treatment plants managed by smat spa (ref app_78 / 2017)