SMLCService Mobile Location Centre
SMLCServing Mobile Location Center
SMLCSmooth Muscle-Like Cell
SMLCSt. Matthew's Lutheran Church (various locations)
SMLCSt. Matthew Lutheran Church (various locations)
SMLCScience and Mathematics Learning Center (various universities)
SMLCShepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church (Estes Park, CO)
SMLCSoftware Maintenance Life Cycle
SMLCSouthern Maine Labor Council
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They carried out a comparison between the predicted and crystallographic ground state geometries and concluded that SMLC II is applicable in molecular biology where biotechnological applications of very large systems are addressed.
The SMLC recently developed a working group composed of security officers from several smart manufacturing solutions providers.
The SMLC and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) have formed a working partnership and to build a National Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem, It is an iPhone-like "App Store" for industrial modeling and simulation applications and their rapid application.
Our national PIC strategy and our collaboration with SMLC will make these tools accessible and affordable to manufacturers of all sizes.
We want to clearly emphasize that no single company or industry segment can achieve this transformation alone and time is of the essence," said SMLC co-founder Tom Edgar, a chemical engineering professor with UT-Austin.
Included in the transaction are serving mobile location centre (SMLC), stand-alone SMLC, and gateway mobile location centre (GMLC) systems, which process and calculate the position of mobile devices.
The Innovation Leader in Solid-State Storage Offers SMLC, a Solution Combining SLC Reliability with MLC Economy
The SMLC technology features bandwidth equal to SLC, with comparable endurance and write performance levels, at a cost that is substantially lower than traditional SLC solutions.
Fusion-io's SMLC serves as the foundation for an enterprise product line that is tailor-made for customers requiring greater performance or endurance than MLC can provide, at a lower price point than existing SLC solutions.
This new SMLC solution from Fusion-io is aimed at attacking that impediment while leaving the many other benefits of solid state untouched and it extends the company's out-of-the-box innovative approach to building a next generation of storage.
Our SMLC solution overcomes these roadblocks and provides organizations with another avenue for migrating to solid-state performance and reliability, while helping mitigate concerns over cost to deploy.