SnPbTin-Lead (Solder)
SNPBSwedish National Police Board
SNPBSyndicat National du Pompage du Béton (French: National Union of Concrete Pumping)
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There was considerable debate and distress over what alloy would replace dependable SnPb.
For companies that manufacture products that must have high-reliability and long-service-life, the rationale for staying with SnPb assembly is very clear--the reliability of Pb-free assembly has not been sufficiently demonstrated for long-life, mission-critical applications," said Ken Stuchlik, SCN processor and I/O technical manager for Lucent Technologies, and co-chair of iNEMI's SnPb BGA Availability Task Group.
Experience gained through years of SnPb soldering revealed that the performance of solder was adversely affected when the copper content reached approximately 0.
The SnPb termination LGC Decoupling Capacitors are ideal for high speed decoupling of military and aerospace CPUs, GPUs, server and networking applications.
Black tar was observed as lead-free technology was introduced but also was seen with SnPb during selective and wave soldering, particularly on through-hole parts.
In working to develop this unique alloy, it was critical to ensure processability that was much like a traditional SAC alloy, but temperature cycling performance that was superior to SAC and consistent with or better than conventional SnPb solders, explains Mark Currie, Global Product Manager for Henkel.
The study, commissioned by Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Crane Division was attempting to answer: To what extent do rework procedures, including SnPb and Pb-free mixed solder joints, affect solder joint reliability of high-performance electronics?
This also means different profiles for eutectic SnPb and Pb-free solder pastes.
It is very likely that manufacturers will use subassemblies that contain both SnPb and lead-free components, which causes reliability concerns due to the differences in processing temperatures and materials," said Celestica Inc.
AVX develops LGA SnPb termination versions for military & aerospace applications
The level of silver slowed the dissolution rate, and many companies continue to use 2% silver in their SnPb process.
5Cu (SAC 405) solder balls, and surface mount assembly was done using SnPb eutectic soldering profiles.