SNASSlovak National Accreditation Service (Bratislava, Slovakia)
SNASSupporting New Academic Staff (UK)
SNASSecure Network Access Switch (Nortel Networks Corp.)
SNASSyndicat National des Abrasifs et Super-Abrasifs (French: National Union of Abrasives and Super Abrasives)
SNASSociety of Naval Architecture Students
SNASSignaling Network Analysis System
SNASSlovenska Narodna Akreditacna Sluzba (Slovak: Slovak National Accreditation Service)
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When these SNAs become winged aviators, they will take the habit pattern of hazrep and mishap review with them to the fleet.
The solution was in SNAs, a structure invented by Northwestern colleague and co-author Chad Mirkin, the George B.
He added: "The people who are losing their jobs, who are highly trained and experienced, are in shock at the severity of the cuts and to add to their plight, I have been informed their SNA positions in second-level schools are being eroded and replaced with a new title, 'Classroom Assistant'.
AST is leading the translation of SNA constructs as innovative medicines with a core focus on debilitating diseases with limited or no treatment options.
His keynote address and distinguished lecture at the conference will focus on SNAs and their use as noble gene regulation therapies.
The ANA board of directors as well as the individual SNA boards will re-evaluate the division model in 2 years and will at that time decide if the model is sustainable.
The observed ~50% SNAS recovery of jarosite could be due to retention of some sulfate released during the 4 M HCl extraction by soil matrices, as was experienced for the sulfate released by schwertmannite.
The SNAs will work collaboratively and in partnership to achieve the greater goal.
The specific problem of the study was to explore and describe the lived experiences of student involvement in the Long Island colleges SNAs.
Abraham and Christopher Mackie in Chapter 4 (A Framework for Nonmarket Accounting) identify volunteer and home production, education, health, and environmental improvement and degradation as potential nonmarket activities that could be included in the SNAs.
Taking cognizance of cultural idiosyncrasies in the instrument, current researchers further modified the Guneri et al's (2003) version of SNAS.