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SNRSignal-to-Noise Ratio
snrSeiner (Dutch)
SNRSchool of Natural Resources
SNRSingle Number Reach
SNRSporting News Radio
SNRSingle Number Rating (EU noise diffusion measurement)
SNRSenior National Representative
SNRSuper Nova Remnant
SNRSaved Number Redial
SNRStartup Notification Report
SNRSporting Nazairien Rugby (French rugby club)
SNRSupplier Nonconformance Report
SNRSociété Nouvelle de Rectification (French industrial motor repair company)
SNRSyndicat National des Radiesthésistes (French: National Union of Dowsers)
SNRSubject to Non-Renewal
SNRSkilled Nursing and Rehabilitation
SNRSignature Not Required
SNRStochastic Noise Reaction (gradient method for minimization of arbitrary functions)
SNRSenior NAVOCEANO Representative (US Navy)
SNRS-Type Noise Reduction (Dolby cassette technology)
SNRSunflour Railroad Incorporated
SNRSub-Net Relay
SNRShady Ninja Racing (forum)
SNRSamburu National Reserve (Kenya)
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In revenge, Snowden had the Mariners pub in Helensburgh, owned by Thomas snr, burned down.
1], the SNR rapidly declines with increased range and terminates somewhere around 9meters with SNR at that range being about 0.
Joe Snr hasn't spoken to any of his family in Ireland, including his ex-wife Ann, son Derek and daughter Ann for the past five years.
Button Snr eventually set up a business supplying engines and then chassis to kart racers to fund those early years.
Robert Freeman Jnr was sentenced on March 19, 2009 at Colchester Magistrates' Court to 90 days in a young offenders centre after being found guilty of cruelty and neglect to 30 greyhounds left in his care after John Freeman Snr had fallen ill at kennels in Tiptree.
Hatton said: "If Floyd Jnr does come out of retirement I don't know what would happen with Floyd Snr training me, but obviously I'd like to fight him again.
Hatton has enlisted the help of Mayweather Snr as he seeks to reap the benefits of the American's wealth of world-title experience, which has seen him train the likes of Oscar De La Hoya, Chad Dawson and Joan Guzman.
The cumulative distribution functions (CDF) of the output SNR have been computed for both SRake and PRake structures.
Reliable detection of the TWA simulated episodes was found for signals disturbed with white noise with SNR greater then 15dB.
SNR reduces the use of petroleum products in tires by 80 percent and is part of YRC's global EcoMotion environmental program.
To many members of the multinational naval communications community, SNR means signal-to-noise-ratio.
The multi-millionaire Live Aid and Live 8 hero and media mogul has cancelled all his appointments to keep a vigil for Bob Geldof Snr at St Vincent's Hospital in Dublin.