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SNRSignal-to-Noise Ratio
snrSeiner (Dutch)
SNRSchool of Natural Resources
SNRSingle Number Reach
SNRSporting News Radio
SNRSingle Number Rating (EU noise diffusion measurement)
SNRSenior National Representative
SNRSuper Nova Remnant
SNRSaved Number Redial
SNRStartup Notification Report
SNRSporting Nazairien Rugby (French rugby club)
SNRSupplier Nonconformance Report
SNRSociété Nouvelle de Rectification (French industrial motor repair company)
SNRSyndicat National des Radiesthésistes (French: National Union of Dowsers)
SNRSubject to Non-Renewal
SNRSkilled Nursing and Rehabilitation
SNRSignature Not Required
SNRStochastic Noise Reaction (gradient method for minimization of arbitrary functions)
SNRSenior NAVOCEANO Representative (US Navy)
SNRS-Type Noise Reduction (Dolby cassette technology)
SNRSunflour Railroad Incorporated
SNRSub-Net Relay
SNRShady Ninja Racing (forum)
SNRSamburu National Reserve (Kenya)
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Firstly, existing relay selection scheme which selecting one relay based on SNR is reviewed and the cumulative distribution function (CDF) is derived and simulated.
The suboptimal TAS scheme is to select the transmit antenna that only maximizes the instantaneous SNR of the direct link M[S.
beaucoup moins que]Techniquement et economiquement le modele de la SNR a prouve son echec dans l'organisation de la Omra et il est temps que cette societe reconnaisse ses faiblesses [beaucoup plus grand que], a-t-elle releve.
Where E0 is the average BER of the LRAF three time slot protocol and E1 is the average BER of PPAF two time slots or three time slots protocols and N is the total number of SNR values taken.
SNRs were calculated using the formula: SNR = SI/N, where SI was the mean signal intensity of the ROI within the central region of gel, and N was the standard deviation of the background.
As Michelle tried to pull him off her sister, Murray snr kicked Stacey in the head.
In Section 2, compared with matched filter, the biggest SNR gain loss of DMNUFFT is about 2.
While SNR Denton is a US-based firm, Salans is headquartered in Paris, France and FMC is a Canadian law firm.
SNR is related to RCS directly from the radar SNR equation in the section 3 of this work.
Joe Snr, 68, has suffered two heart attacks, and now has to use a zimmer frame to get around.
She told the jury she rang George Snr later that day to inform him his friend had been attacked.