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Per capita consumption of snus grew from more than 540g in 1990 to a peak of almost 800g in 2006.
Harm reduction would happen in two fundamental ways: when individuals who would have become smokers choose instead to use a less harmful product like vape or snus, or when people who already smoke are able to substitute the less harmful product for cigarettes.
The only deviation from this pattern was that the item "compulsion" had higher loadings on Factor 2 than on Factor 1 for smoking, sedatives, and snus.
paragraph]) Two or more tobacco product use is ever use of products from two or more of the following categories: cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, tobacco pipes, bidis, kreteks, hookah, snus, dissolvable tobacco, and/or electronic cigarettes.
But some studies have linked snus with pancreatic cancer, fatalities from heart attacks and strokes, diabetes and bad pregnancy outcomes.
Snus is a moist smokeless tobacco product that users place underneath the upper lip.
Our study demonstrates that [water pipe tobacco] and snus use among non-cigarette smoking adolescents and young adults were longitudinally associated with subsequent cigarette smoking," Samir S.
Swedish Match, which almost had a monopoly on snus and smokeless tobacco in 2004, still enjoys the position as leader with 65% of volume sales -- mainly because its share is high in loose snus with its General brand.
Young, impressionable people need to hear the message clearly: You snus, you lose.
The newspaper does not make a direct link between the offer of 50 million in return for lifting the ban on snus tobacco.
Swedish Match had itself told the Commission that a Maltese businessman asked it for 60 million euros ($78 million) in order to use his links to Dalli to get him to propose an end to an EU export ban on snus, a snuff that is the company's main product.
Chris Snowdon, a fellow of the Institute of Economic affairs, told the Daily Telegraph that the EU proposals were "damaging for liberty and disastrous for public health" because both e-cigarettes and snus are healthier alternatives to smoking.