SoRZStatue of Rallos Zek (gaming)
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Bruce & Wiebers 1970, Jonasson & Willis 2011, Rughetti & Toffoli 2014), but is less studied due to several sources of variation which are often considered as biases: amount of food recently eaten by the animal, reproductive status (pregnancy and lactation for females, mating activity for males), seasonal fat accumulation and consumption and geographic size variation (Bruce & Wiebers 1970, Ralls 1976, Speakman & Racey 1986, Sorz et al.
O hart tht sorz, my love adorz, He makes me live He makes me give Myslf 2 him As my luv porz.
Still more prominent in the whole passage are the liquid and sibilant continuants - the rs, ls, ss, schs, and zs - introduced by the alliteration of sorz and syt in line three, and resoun, ryght, and rave in line six, continued forcefully in the next two lines with "ever the gyltles schulde be schente" (sch- alliteration), and culminating in the refrain, "inoscente is saf and ryghte" (s- alliteration).