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SWACStandards Western Automatic Computer
SWACSolid Waste Advisory Committee (Oregon Department of Environmental Quality)
SWACSea Water Air Conditioning
SWACSonny with a Chance (Disney TV show)
SWACSoil, Water and Climate (Minnesota)
SWACSouthwest Athletic Conference
SWACSpatially Weighted Average Concentration
SWACSpecial Weapons and Communications (amateur radio)
SWACSteel Wire Armoured Cable
SWACSociety for the Welfare of Autistic Children (est. 2000)
SWACSouth West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts
SWACSecure Worker Access Consortium
SWACSewage and Wastewater Advisory Committee
SWACSouthwest Alliance Church (Miami, FL)
SWACSummit-Waller Advisory Commission
SWACSquare Wave Alternating Current (welding power supplies to stabilize arc)
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Chelminiak said, "All problems are solvable," noting that the Solid Waste Advisory Committee in Douglas County (SWAC) has been part of the discussions.
The Solid Waste Advisory Committee, which consists of the five McLeod County commissioners, heard those figures Friday, Oct.
Brenda Gilmore of Nashville, was rejected in large part because of a 2007 Tennessee Municipal Solid Waste Advisory Committee report that concluded the danger posed by low-level nuclear waste in landfills is insignificant.
Under the Solid Waste Advisory Committee there are two sub-committees, one for Organics and the other for C&D Debris.
Volunteer positions open: Applications are being accepted for appointment to positions on the Coos County planning commission and the county's Solid Waste Advisory Committee.
As the town of Mansfield's Solid Waste Advisory Committee studied the various alternatives to incorporate curbside recycling collection into the existing private collection system, the Town Manager asked the committee to consider using volume as the basis for collection charges.
The new program was approved by the city's Solid Waste Advisory Committee.
Mahoney serves on the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.
Sullivan, volunteer recycling coordinator and chairman of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee.
The proposal is being requested as part of ongoing efforts by the Solid Waste Advisory Committee to aid in implementing the solid waste policy that was updated in 2007.
In the past week, members of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee have answered more than 100 telephone calls and approximately 20 e-mails from residents who had questions about recycling.
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