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SWStar Wars
SWSnow Showers (weather reports)
SWSoil and Water
SWSubwoofer (audio)
SWShort Wave (see HF)
SWSurface Water
SWSolid Waste
SWStation Wagon
SWSwedish (linguistics)
SWSpace Wing
SWSand Wedge (golf)
SWSalt Water
SWStorm Water
SWSocial Worker
SWSocialist Worker
SWSo What?
SWShockwave (amusement park ride; game)
SWSolidWorks (3D solid modeling CAD software)
SWSea World
SWSmall World
SWSay What?
SWSex Worker
SWShallow Water
SWSemantic Web
SWSamurai Warriors (video game)
SWSine Wave (electronic signal shape)
SWSecret World (video games)
SWShadow Warrior
SWSierra Wireless (mobile computing; various locations)
SWSince When?
SWService Water
SWSpecific Weight
SWStrike Witches (mixed-media project)
SWSam Worthington (actor)
SWSecond Wife
SWSmith and Wesson (gun maker)
SWStormwind (gaming, World of Warcraft)
SWSedro-Woolley (Washington)
SWSteve Wilkos (TV show)
SWSurface Warfare
SWSurface Wave
SWSwann "Blood Group"
SWSmall Works (architecture)
SWSocket Weld (piping joint)
SWAir Namibia (IATA airline code)
SWShock Waves (movie)
SWSwing Phase (gait cycle)
SWShrink Wrapped
SWSigourney Weaver (actress)
SWSpecial Warfare
SWSelected Works
SWSecurity Watch (various organizations)
SWSouthern Winds (Argentine Airline)
SWSanitary Ware (bathroom plumbing fixtures)
SWSesame Workshop
SWSlow Wave
SWShrapnel Wound
SWSenior Warden (Masonic title)
SWSchlüsselweite (German: spanner size; wrench size)
SWStop and Wait
SWSpecial Weapon
SWStab Wound
SWShotgun Wedding
SWSeek Work
SWSpanner Width
SWStreet Walker
SWSwingweight (golf)
SWSound Wall (construction)
SWStar Web
SWStabbing Westward (band)
SWSecondary Waste
SWSuper Weapon (gaming)
SWSuper Woofer
SWSafety Wall (gaming, Ragnarok)
SWStrategic Wing
SWSpecial Watch (for ACG forms)
SWSeatwork (education)
SWStudy Works
SWSouthern Wells (Indiana)
SWSevere Weathering
SWSpace Weapon
SWLondon Southwest (postcode, United Kingdom)
SWScapegoat Wax (band)
SWSlepian-Wolf (source network)
SWSocialist Worker's Party (also seen as SWP)
SWSynchronization Word
SWSignals Warfare
SWShip's Warrant (US Navy)
SWSplit Web (railway defect)
SWShipboard Weapon
SWSamurai Wakizashi
SWServer Wallet
SWStud Arc Welding
SWSarcasm Warning
SWSpectral Warping
SWSea Watch/Water
SWSterling Wentworth
SW(USN Rating) Steelworker
SWSnark Wars
SWShort Along Word Lines
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NEW ORLEANS -- Why wait for the next product launch to find out what SolidWorks R&D is doing?
SolidWorks Edition for Windows Vista Delivers Enhanced User Experience Plus Advanced Search, Preview, and Content Distribution
C*it's a tour de force of art and engineering, designed in SolidWorks
SolidWorks Corporation today introduced SolidWorks(R) Education Edition 2006-2007 software, the latest version of the leading 3D CAD product for students in middle school through graduate school.
The device, which won the grand prize in the SolidWorks Design Contest 2005, will soon be mass-produced by U.
AARHUS, Denmark -- Aarhus Purchases 500 Licenses of SolidWorks 3D CAD and COSMOS Design Analysis Software to Teach Students Engineering Fundamentals
The parent company had largely been using static 2D software in its operations around the world before gradually switching to SolidWorks.
One of Mexico's largest national universities has chosen SolidWorks(R) Education Edition 3D mechanical design software as its standard CAD application, SolidWorks announced today.
LAS VEGAS -- SolidWorks Corporation today released the 64-bit versions of SolidWorks(R) CAD and COSMOS(R) design analysis software, enabling engineers to work more efficiently than ever with very large assemblies.
We replaced Solid Edge(R) software with SolidWorks software because of its superior ease of use and performance with large assemblies, both factors that shorten design time and get new products more quickly to the customer," said Dean Chiappini, Vapor Rail's vice president of engineering.
Formula SAE and Formula Student Teams Increasingly Demand SolidWorks Software For Its Ease of Use and Integrated Design Analysis
Registrations are pouring in at a record pace for SolidWorks World 2006, the annual international conference and exposition for users of the #1 3D mechanical design software for the mainstream market.