SOMOStichting Onderzoek Multinationale Ondernemingen (Dutch: Multinational Enterprise Research Foundation)
SOMOState Oil Marketing Organization
SOMOSpecial Olympics Missouri
SOMOSuspension of Military Operations
SOMOSingly Occupied Molecular Orbital
SOMOSpace Operations Management Office (NASA)
SOMOSpace Operations Management Organization
SOMOShip Operations and Maintenance Officer
SOMOSmall Office Medium Office
SOMOSouthern Oregon Men's Outreach (Lambda Community Center Association)
References in classic literature ?
Meringe owes Somo four heads, three from the dysentery, an' another wan from a tree fallin' on him the last fortnight.
The row of stones might have been longer, had not Ra Undreundre unfortunately received a spear in the small of his back in a bush skirmish on Somo Somo and been served up on the table of Naungavuli, whose mediocre string of stones numbered only forty-eight.
The flawed SOMO report contains a number of unsubstantiated and incorrect allegations regarding tax," London-based Rio said in an emailed statement.
During a SOMO, government forces refrain from offensive operations but remain on guard for attacks.
Over 50 companies are registered for Somo auctions and around 30 logged in for the auction, it stated.
SOMO prices Iraq's two export crude oils: Basra Light, 34?
869 mbpd in February, Somo director Falah al-Amiri told reporters in Baghdad, adding that the March figure included 515,000 bpd exported by the Kurdish region.
Damian Freeman, the aforementioned surf instructor, owns La Curva Surf School in the village of Loredo, a short distance from Somo.
Somo has acquired the assets by issuing 637,000 common shares.
The AFP said the SOMO will allow its soldiers time to spend Christmas and New Year with their families.
The powerful Deputy PM for Energy Dr Shahristani, who favoured the deal with SOMO, was on April 11, 2011 quoted as saying BGC "will recommend the customers or buyers" to which SOMO will sell the gas.
Socket Mobile Inc (NASDAQ: SCKT), a US-based company offering mobile productivity solutions, has announced that Legends Sports Bar will use Socket SoMo 650 handheld computer at their Long Beach location, in California, US.