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SONDSecretary's Office, Navy Department (US Navy)
SONDSocial Organisation Networking for Development
SONDService on Data
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For example, when the clients supported by SonD increase to a certain number, the client back-end data access latency will be far more than that of ordinary systems, making it no longer available.
Describing Sond Chara, Captain Dave Glendenning, commander of the marines' artillery support team, said: "Almost every day we were involved in intense fire-fights ranging from rocket-propelled grenades and small arms 'shoot-and-scoots', to four-hour battles with the enemy forces as close as 30 metres.
eres ende / Hol and sond wip hure child / to pis feste he gan wende.
Y, cuarto, el avance vertiginoso de esta revolucion tecnologica permitira que el Estado sea, cada vez mas, reconfigurado y reemplazado por las fuerzas mediaticas, pues en los proximos anos el complejo audiovisual sera una terminal multifuncional progresivamente mas autonoma de la regulacion juridica del gobierno que ofrecera servicios de audio y television, alta definicion, audio sond auround en 6 canales, datos, telefonia, Internet, fax, voz, interactividad, fotos, etcetera, con sus respectivos fenomenos paralelos de reestructuracion y hasta desplazamiento politico del Estado.
Sukvinder Sond, 36, had told a Birmingham employment hearing that some managers controlled workers like the Mafia.
The vertical distribution of pelagic decapods (Crustacca: Natantia) collected on the Sond Cruise 1965.
Elles ont ete completees avec les donnees du sond age Gallup comparable dont les resultats ont ete publies le 3 octobre 198 8.
In the film Fergus vomits, whereas Absolon in Chaucer's tale rubs his lips "[w]ith dust, with sond, with straw, with clooth, with chippes" and commends his soul to Satan (3747-50).
A Lambda Sond sensor that Volvo manufactures is located just behind the exhaust manifold and keeps the air-fuel mixture entering the engine balanced to provide the most efficient combustion.
He may have forgotten that the sond concludes, "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.
We've had great tester feedback on Sond (a specialist in anti-ageing for sensitive skin) and its weightless Hydrating Mist, PS24, which is a kind of spray-on moisturiser, and good at both calming and smoothing skin in a non-cloggy way.