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SOPESShared Operational Picture Exchange Services
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Luego regresaron a Las Postas, donde los esperaba El Sopes.
Similares a los sopes son las picadas veracruzanas, que se pellizcan en las orillas, y se cubren de una salsa roja espesa, carne de res deshebrada--opcional--, cebolla en rodajas y queso anejo.
He offers a first course of Crispy Potato-Masa Sopes with Cilantro, Salsa Roja and Cotija Cheese and a main course of Seared Red Snapper Fillets in Escabeche.
The focus of SOPES is standards for the exchange of information among collaborating organizations (such as fire departments from adjoining jurisdictions engaged in the same incident or humanitarian support organizations working together after an earthquake or other disaster) and with other supporting organizations (such as suppliers or logistical support) in preparing for, responding to, or managing the consequences of disasters or crises of all types and sizes both civil and military.
Cantina Kahlo's chef de cuisine Cesar Daniel de Leon Torres heads a team from Mexico, and selections from his menu include artisanal tacos, ceviche, guacamole as well as sopes and flautas, along with pulled chicken and roasted pineapple sour cream, field mushrooms and beef tongue.
Tenia un gato, un departamento bien bonito en la Roma; tenia mi banda que se llamaba Los Sopes desde hacia cuatro anos y estabamos a punto de grabar un disco.
This little two-window restaurant has more than earned its place among the area's great taco spots, pulling Red Barn regulars and out-of-towners alike into the flea market's small food court for those tacos ($2 apiece or four for $6), plus gorditas (three for $6), sopes ($6), tortas ($6) and burritos ($6), and a range of shrug-inspiring Americana, items like cheeseburgers ($6) and hot dogs ($2).
Tambien esta el pipian, una suculenta salsa de cacahuate, calabaza y ajonjoli, asi como los tamales, tostadas, sopes, enchiladas, tacos, menudo y frijoles charros.