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SOPHIAStudy of Particulates and Health in Atlanta (Atlanta, GA)
SOPHIASystem for Organic Reaction Prediction by Heuristic Approach
SOPHIASociety for Promotion of Himalayan Indigenous Activities
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The foolish animal no sooner perceived itself at liberty, than forgetting all the favours it had received from Sophia, it flew directly from her, and perched on a bough at some distance.
It seemed to be against the law of nature, by which everything hath a right to liberty; nay, it is even unchristian, for it is not doing what we would be done by; but if I had imagined Miss Sophia would have been so much concerned at it, I am sure I never would have done it; nay, if I had known what would have happened to the bird itself: for when Master Jones, who climbed up that tree after it, fell into the water, the bird took a second flight, and presently a nasty hawk carried it away.
Poor Sophia, who now first heard of her little Tommy's fate (for her concern for Jones had prevented her perceiving it when it happened), shed a shower of tears.
Sophia with mum Chelsey and dad Darren and brother Daniel, above left, and in family photos, below left during her time in hospital and afterwards
Sophia, who is one of 67 winners from across the UK, has also recruited more than 30 volunteers and helped more than 600 families.
However, in this case the jury's verdict in the second trial was substantially in excess of the amounts awarded to both Sophia and her husband.
edu), acquired the remaining interest in the social teaching and learning platform Sophia Learning LLC (www.
Sophia became the voice of Aston Martin in America for a new commercial and appeared in Google's Lady Gaga advert.
Sophia has tuned its approach so that the "meaning and relevancy of a document depends on both the user's query and, importantly, all the other documents within the organization," he added.
Sophia is a social teaching and learning platform that integrates education with technology.
Some specific features of Sophia Search include its ability to detect duplicate and near-duplicate information in addition to providing customers with contextual data to help optimize their information landscape.
Duchess Sophia thought her little Gorgen 'beautiful as an angel', but not many would subsequently share her opinion.