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SORNStatutory Off Road Notification (UK government Driver and Vehicle Licencing Centre, DVLC)
SORNSystem of Records Notice
SORNStatutory Off Road Notice (UK)
SORNStandard Organization & Regulations of the Navy (USA)
SORNScottish Outdoor Recreation Network (UK)
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Srey Viseth Horm, [1] San Sorn, [1] Lotfi Allal, and Philippe Buchy
Nevertheless, despite their now-widespread use, SORN laws became the norm without any systematic study of their consequences.
From a rural family, Sorn says commune leaders didn't target her as much as city children were often starved and publically humiliated for disobeying orders.
This is due to be brought in from May 23 2011 and will mean anyone who is registered as an owner of a vehicle, which isn't registered as SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification), MUST have valid car insurance for it or face a penalty.
All motorists need to be vigilant though -- especially leisure drivers or motorbike enthusiasts who only use their vehicles occasionally and let their insurance lapse in the meantime; they need to declare their vehicle as SORN or renew
Since this is how DVLA operates, I cannot accept Mr Kirwan''s view on SORN, and advise him to ditch cynical speculation and stick to the facts in future.
The first Khao Hin Sorn RDSC exemplifies a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture and cooperative community development--including childcare--with which local people can supplement income.
10EAST AYRSHIRE A week from PS87pp (sleeps six) The spacious, detached Loch Ard bungalow, with three bedrooms, lies in the quiet village of Sorn.
HAVE any readers any knowledge of pilot John Douglas Gordon, who was killed in an aircrash near Sorn in Ayrshire in 1942?
This means that a car stored away without SORN or valid tax disc is detectable.
The junior game has a fearsome reputation and the area has produced football greats like the late Liverpool boss Bill Shankly He was born in Glenbuck, just a few miles away from the former pit village of Sorn.