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SORNASex Offender Registration and Notification Act (US Department of Justice)
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Grants administered by the SMART Office directly include support for SORNA implementation; the Campus-Focused Sexual Assault Perpetrator Prevention and Education Program; the Sex Offender Management Fellowship program; the Circles of Support and Accountability in Indian Country Project Sites and Training and Technical Assistance Programs; the SORNA Tribal Training and Technical Assistance Program; and the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Website (NSOPW).
org/issuesresearch/justice/juvenile-sex-offender-registration-and- sorna.
a case involving challenges to SORNA legislation, constituted the
Sixteen states have complied with SORNA to date; others face federal justice assistance grant penalties.
2009) ("The retroactive application of the lifetime registration requirement and quarterly in-person verification procedures of SORNA of 1999 to offenders originally sentenced subject to SORNA of 1991 and SORNA of 1995, without, at a minimum, affording those offenders any opportunity to ever be relieved of the duty as was permitted under those laws, is, by the clearest proof, punitive, and violates the Maine and United States Constitutions' prohibitions against ex post facto laws.
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SORNA changes the way that jurisdictions will be required to assess sex offenders and classify them within the Tier Level system (McPherson, 2007; U.
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