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SORYSuomen Off Road Yhdistys (Finnish: Finnish Off Road Association; organizaes off-road activities and competitions)
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The discussion ended when a contrite Thomasine, upon hearing a woman testify that other women thought she drank too much wine, "confessed she was sory she gave such offense.
launcelot fulle stille then stode, his herte was hevy as Any stone; So sory he wexe in his mode, For Routhe hym thought it all to-torne.
As I listen to the rain fall in Bosavi, even while writing this, I like to imagine that merely by entering into an embodied relation with those sounds I can, for a moment, gain a sory of purity, impossible in the discursive worlds academics are paid to spend too much time in.
Dance for Africa performers include the Kudana Marimba band, SatPavan Kaur Khalsa's Bhangra and Bollywood Dance, Azucar (Cuban salsa), An Nour (belly dance), Dunyah, Souzana and Americanistan and Denbaya Drum and Dance with Ibrahim Sory Sylla.
A Lazard spokesman said yesterday: "The Government was always aware that Lazard's Financial Advithe sory and Asset Management businesses are separate legal entities and act entirely independently of each other.
Our employees, Ibrahima Sory Toure and Issaga Bangoura, were arrested in Conakry, capital of Guinea, on 19 April 2013, and have since been held on baseless allegations of so-called "passive corruption".
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: social city mg reydt, rebuilding and redesigning hugo junkers park, sory w 2-4; supply of lighting fixtures for the garden road underpass
The town's mayor, Sory Diakite, said the dead included three children who threw themselves into a river and drowned trying to avoid the falling bombs.
Continuing their remarkable service to African music, Sterns have released another 'power pack' of legendary recordings, this time from the much-loved Guinean singer Sory Kandia Kouyate.
Torres; Ambassador of Malawi Geoffrey Lufu James Mvula; Ambassador of Cyprus Efstathios Orphanides; Ambassador of Guinea Ibrahima Sory Traore; and Ambassador of Iceland Sverrir Haukur Gunnlaugsson.
WASHINGTON -- A focus on specific diseases and patient needs can improve care and reduce costs to Medicaid by keeping patients healthier and out of hospitals, John Sory said at a meeting sponsored by the Center for Health Transformation.
You should also note that if insufficient volunteers are forthcoming, we may have to consider the need for compul- sory redundancies.