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SOSISense of Smell Institute
SOSISound Ocean Systems, Inc.
SOSISamordnet Opplegg for Stedfestet Informasjon (Systematic Organisation of Spatial Information)
SOSiSOS International, Ltd. (New York, NY)
SOSISystem-Of-Systems Integration
SOSISpecial Orders & Services Improvement (Home Depot)
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Additional research geared toward validating the SOSI among different populations should consider adding items in order to strengthen those subscales that have relatively low internal consistency (i.
The benefits of undertaking the SoSI process are not always susceptible to quantitative analysis and typically can only be measured over time.
plan map as design data in SOSI level 4 in accordance with applicable standards and guidelines
Given the importance of social insurance programs like Medicare and Social Security to the federal government's long-term fiscal outlook, the SOSI is critical to understanding the federal government's financial condition and fiscal sustainability.
City authorities in Oslo, Norway, maintain a database of all buildings in the city, recorded in the so-called SOSI format, a Norwegian standard.
He leads all M&A activities and initialization of start-up companies through seed funding for companies that include: Teraop, Optix, IC41C, Onex (acquired by TXCC), SOSI (acquired by TXCC).
12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- SOS International LLC (SOSi) today announced the formation of Iraq Oil Technology, representing the latest SOSi investment in a rapidly evolving and revitalized Iraq.