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SOSISense of Smell Institute
SOSISound Ocean Systems, Inc.
SOSISamordnet Opplegg for Stedfestet Informasjon (Systematic Organisation of Spatial Information)
SOSiSOS International, Ltd. (New York, NY)
SOSISystem-Of-Systems Integration
SOSISpecial Orders & Services Improvement (Home Depot)
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When a doctor in a SOSi facility needs to reach a physician at George Washington, they need only press a button on a device that is about the size of a briefcase, he said.
The SOSI was subjected to an exploratory factor analysis (principal components with oblique rotation) .
The Gladstone School District has emerged as the earliest adopter of SOSI principles, but Superintendent Bob Stewart felt challenged when the district expanded the high school's science education area by 22,000 square feet.
SoSI serves to uncover and clarify whether, how much, and in what ways an organization expects to change--from maintaining the status quo to making a complete transformation--making it appropriate and valuable no matter the circumstances: it gives us and our client the essential common ground for a collaborative relationship, and it ensures that an organization has the right tools to solve the real problems.
22 May 2008: Sosi Alexanian, Ani Arutyunyan, Susan Bae, Heidi Choe, Cristina Correa, Cord Greene, Bree Hemingway, Lilit Kazaryan, Michelle Kwong, Dustin Lee, Louis P.
The regime, which came to power in a military coup 39 years ago, did nothing for the violations of human rights in the country," said Ashour Al Sosi, editor of the New Libya electronic newspaper.
2002); Granot and Sosi (hubs, portals, auctions) (2005) Collaborative planning- Kumar and van Dissel (1996); McLaren et based systems (CPFR, CTM) al.