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SOSOSame Old Same Old
SOSOStability Operations and Support Operations
SOSOSpouse or Significant Other
SOSOState Owned, State Operated
SOSOSouth of Sweden Orchestra
SOSOSouls of Steel Orchestra (Canada)
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But what has been confirmed is that the model will be built on an "all-new aluminium architecture that will not only be the underpinnings of this Rolls-Royce, but all future Rolls-Royces," said Soso.
We're mindful of the situation," Soso said, "but I think what we offer is something that nobody else can offer.
confirms that Tito Soso will resign as Group Chief Financial Officer and
We are very excited about our combination with Soso and strategic partnership with Tencent.
CCTV evidence showed Soso at Marie's home and his DNA was found on the victim.
And Soso, who had run errands for Marie when he lived next door, later gave her son his condolences.
Soso, Fifi, Buzo, Fido, Nemo and Popo take trademark clown characteristics and mix them with a tongue-in-cheek seriousness to pull off the daring production.
com, SoSo, PaiPai and Tenpay -- have brought together China's largest Internet community, to meet the various needs of Internet users including communication, information, entertainment, e-commerce and others.
The accused persons should be remanded in (intelligence agency) custody pending the conclusion of the investigation, and the accused persons should be allowed access to their lawyers while in custody," Magistrate Hafsat Sadiq Soso said.
Hafsat Soso, the judge, said the four men would remain in the custody of Nigeria's state security service as investigations continued.
Ajjan said he is still working on the tablet based on information he reached after extensive study and previous experiment, making use of previous research by fellow Syrian scholars Mohammad Ahmad Soso and Sajii Kurkmaz and analyzing the phrases of the tablet's text.
Not because of her soso singing voice - but because of her rapier wit and the fascinating things she has to say.