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SOSOSame Old Same Old
SOSOStability Operations and Support Operations
SOSOSpouse or Significant Other
SOSOState Owned, State Operated
SOSOSouth of Sweden Orchestra
SOSOSouls of Steel Orchestra (Canada)
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Mas tarde, cuando Beso se llevo a la fuerza a Soso a Tiflis para trabajar como aprendiz de zapatero, los curas ayudaron a Keke a recuperar al muchacho.
Esta aneja apuesta por la comodidad a cargo de empresa, ganaderos, diestros que figuran, autoridades y critica, por reducir la tauromaquia a unos cuantos apellidos y a actuaciones predecibles de faenas con arneses y apoteosis con calzador, ante animales jovenes, pobres de cabeza, mansos, sosos y a veces repetidores, ha traido como consecuencia una grave tergiversacion de la lidia, que confunde el emocionante dominio de la bravura con la costumbre de torear "bonito" a reses pasadoras, con mas voluntad que codicia, por no mencionar asomos de fiereza.
We're mindful of the situation," Soso said, "but I think what we offer is something that nobody else can offer.
Georgian Chief Prosecutor's Office may interrogate Soso Pavliashvili, a well-known Georgian pop-singer, over the
Committee members include the ministry of transport's Simon Manyok, ministry of finance representative Agustino Akenyi and the Chamber of Commerce's Juma Simon Charles, with Taban Patrick, Soso Yowa and Ruben Kuany Dut representing the business community's interests.
He realised that there had been foul play and police launched an investigation, which resulted in 20-year-old Jay Soso last week being jailed for raping and killing Marie.
Jay Soso was sentenced to 12 years and eight months from the sickening attack on Marie Reid, 63.
They appealed to the Fisheries Department and high officials to arrest these powerful people include Soso Jakhru, Maqbool Jakhru, Nabu Jkhru, and Long Jakhru and provide them security.
Brett Soso, the managing director of Amalgamated Automobile Distributors (AAD), a joint venture between the listed Imperial and Bidvest groups that distributes both brands, stated that Chery is to launch three new models in the country in the next 12 months and Foton is to launch one new model.
Soso, Fifi, Buzo, Fido, Nemo and Popo take trademark clown characteristics and mix them with a tongue-in-cheek seriousness to pull off the daring production.
We are in the hands of Soso, Fifi, Buzo, Fido, Nemo and Popo, a company of clowns who aspire, just this once, to be serious and present one of the world's great grave masterpieces.
The accused persons should be remanded in (intelligence agency) custody pending the conclusion of the investigation, and the accused persons should be allowed access to their lawyers while in custody," Magistrate Hafsat Sadiq Soso said.