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JDEIDEH, Lebanon: In many ways, Sossi Sarkissian Elbekian looks very much the part of a stylish, modern woman.
It reflects the personality of Orange County's Lamborghini owners and enables them to completely indulge their expectations and wishes," said Sossi Keuylian.
Light, John Neisler and Robert Andrew Libby as Mack's gang get in a bit of scene-stealing during Mack and Polly's wedding feast, staged by Sossi as a kind of banquet from hell.
You don't see wholesalers diverting directly to Canada (where English-French labeling is required)," pointed out Sossi.
Whether or not the general public believes in the curse, Sossi assures us that "these bracelets have been around for hundreds of years, maybe even thousands" and they are increasingly popular.
Throughout the hearing, Demirdjian's mother, Sossi, cried as she watched her son, who was clad in a red jail jumpsuit.
Beyond Oprah, Beyond Will Smith - Nora and Sossi Have Stolen the Show -
Michael's adoptive parents, Gary and Sossi Demirdjian, say their only child's legal battles have ruined them financially and made them mistrustful of most outsiders.
Dick Sossi Mark Spradley Bob Sweeney Mark Thomas George Towle Terrence M.
Sossi Demirdjian, the defendant's mother, collapsed in tears as she left the courtroom after the hearing.