SoundWIRESound Waves on the Internet from Real-Time Echoes
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Arasan is bringing expertise in serial audio and more than one hundred design wins with MIPIA SLIMbusSM to the MIPI SoundWire stipulation.
SoundWire is ideal for small, cost-sensitive audio peripherals like advanced digital class-D amplifiers and digital microphones.
The company's Total MIPI SoundWire IP Solution provides early adopters with the fastest way to adoption of this new standard by providing a complete IP package that includes the Verilog RTL source code for Master & Slave fully ratified for compliance with the standard, a complete test environment with a compliance suite to verify the IP package, a SoundWire Hardware Development Kit ( HDK ) for FPGA prototyping, a SoundWire protocol analyzer and a full SoundWire software stack.
MIPI SoundWire consolidates many of the key attributes available in mobile and PC industry audio interfaces and introduces a scalable, low power, two-pin multi-drop architecture that can be used to transport multiple audio streams along with embedded controls and commands," said Joel Huloux, chairman of the board of MIPI Alliance.
The release of the Synopsys VIP for MIPI SoundWire underscores our continued investment in our VIP portfolio to enable increased design quality and faster, more complete verification closure.
Synopsys VIP for MIPI SoundWire is available standalone today, as well as being included in the Synopsys VIP Library and the Verification Compiler(TM) products.
SoundWire is a new digital audio interface specification from the MIPI Alliance that enables bi-directional digital communication with a focus on low complexity and low gate count, making it attractive to many mobile design applications.
A cost-optimized controller meeting MIPI SoundWire specifications may be up to 50 percent smaller than previous standards that may require multiple components, saving valuable design footprint and cost.
The development of the MIPI SoundWire specification has been accelerated due to the high demand from our foremost mobile suppliers in the industry.
Through close collaboration with our customers, we saw increased demand for a more efficient audio interface, and we developed an IP that supports the newly minted MIPI SoundWire specification," said Martin Lund, senior vice president of the IP Group at Cadence.